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Skincare Tools That Your Face Will Thank You For

Skincare Tools That Your Face Will Thank You For

Skin enhancing tools to use in the comfort of your own home.

December 2nd, 2020

If 2020 has proved anything, it’s that we all need to look after our health and wellbeing. We should be taking care of ourselves, by looking after our own body and mind.

There are plenty of different ways to do this, from taking time away from social media, to eating healthier foods. You can relax in the bath at the end of the day, or take up a new exercise routine. Learn how to meditate or enjoy a new hobby, there is literally so much to choose from to help your personal wellbeing.

During the UK lockdowns, we learned how to up our skincare game, by using technology in the form of skincare tools. We have outlined three of the best skincare tools below, which may help with certain skincare issues.


DEMINUAGE™ is a revolutionary professional facial tool that boosts the effectiveness of skincare ingredients through the use of nanotechnology.

Powered by proprietary Skinnovate™ technology, DEMINUAGE™ provides visible results with no downtime and no pain. Modality and product neutral, DEMINUAGE™ fits seamlessly into existing facial treatments.

Skinnovate™ is a non-invasive skin delivery system using nanotechnology to overcome the typical absorption issues associated with the skin barrier. Using the DEMINUAGE™ during a facial treatment enables skin to better draw in skincare ingredients, visibly improving results.

The DEMINUAGE™ uses NanoChip cartridges filled with a hyaluronic acid-infused serum to lubricate the skin. Each NanoChip is equipped with a grid of microscopic NanoTips that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Made from monocrystalline silicon, each NanoTip has a diameter 1000x smaller than that of a human hair.

When the “invisible” NanoTips are applied to the skin, they pass through the skins barrier to temporarily allow key ingredients into the deeper layers. They touch the skin barrier without reaching the dermis therefore, there is no pain, bleeding, or discomfort. In fact, it’s so gentle it can be used near the eyes and lips without irritation.

Priced at around £150, available from Deminuage.com


LIPMD® is an innovative dual-action/ time-activated electronic device, which guarantees plumper lips in just 2 minutes. It works alongside a serum, which has lip-enhancing and anti-ageing micro-vessel technology.

The LIPMD® Extreme Lip Plumping Serum has been formulated with proven lip active ingredients and micro-vessel technology. This formulation penetrates the skin to deeply nourish and plump from within. The all-in-one Serum uses high-quality botanicals to volumise, moisturise and rejuvenate, whilst reducing signs of aging.

LIPMD®’s toxin-free Serum is enriched with shea and aloe butters as well as avocado and coconut oils to deliver an ultra-smooth, non-greasy feel.

Designed to complement the Serum, the LIPMD® Electronic Lip Plumping Device provides a vacuum-like suction to create fuller lips. Unlike injections and fillers, the results are immediate and the compact device is pocket-sized and perfect for travel.

Following consumer trials, 87% of respondents found the LIPMD® system to effectively enhance lip volume in two minutes and outperform other plumping products, showing that LIPMD® is proven to produce incredible results!

Priced at £59.99 for both device and serum (usually £118 device, £24 serum), available from lipmd.co.uk

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro

The Personal Microderm Elite Pro is a revolutionary at-home microdermabrasion device that provides the same brilliant results as professional, spa and salon treatments. This luxury device will enable you to customise your treatment to your own skin’s unique needs.

Featuring new enhanced functions and accessories, such as Tri-speed, cordless and rechargeable technology, and a cap specifically designed to remove blackheads, this device provides an even more in-depth approach to skincare.

The PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro uses the same aluminium oxide crystals as found in professional machines, which make up a flat, coarse disc that has a deeply exfoliating effect on the skin. The dead skin cells are instantly removed by the vacuum action of the device, which activates the innate skin healing mechanism that stimulates cell renewal and collagen production in the upper layers of the skin.

Priced at £269, available from pmdbeauty.com

Rachel McAlley

Rachel McAlley

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