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Sleep Saviour – a gadget to help you relax and upgrade your sleep

Sleep Saviour – a gadget to help you relax and upgrade your sleep

October 19th, 2022

Like so many of us, I have an up and down relationship with sleep. All it takes is a change in routine or something as simple as the clocks going back to throw my sleep cycle into array. If, at this time of year, you find it difficult to fall asleep, you are not alone. As days shorten with winter, our bodies’ circadian network responds biochemically to mark the change and tells our body to sleep more to sync with the external world. However due to modern lifestyles that are so often intertwined with electronic devices, irregular work patterns and more, many find it difficult to fall asleep at night after busy days full of prolonged exposure to tech, especially screens that emit blue lights (like our iPad and phone). Step in Morphée, a non-digital sleep and meditation aid, designed in collaboration with experts on sleep and sophrology (a relaxation therapy) to help improve your snooze time.

The portable circular beach wood device is no bigger than your palm and uses a simple three key system with no screens or digital interfaces, so you don’t have to worry about pesky blue light disturbing your slumber. The first key allows you to choose from one of eight themed sessions such as breathing, cardiac coherence (slowing the heart rate), napping, visualisations, and nature sounds. The second key is a choice of eight training sessions per theme and finally the third key determines the length of each session - either eight or 20 mins. The Morphée was a big hit in our house. My teenage daughter loved it and after one week reported back that it was helping her switch off her normally late-night, busy mind. I finally managed to prize it off her and also found it great for relaxing and disconnecting from the day. The first night I popped it on I went for the 20-minute session, I don’t think I got past five minutes, and I nodded off. Morphée gives you the option of a male or female audio guide, both have that chocolate smooth tone that instantly makes you drop your shoulders and unclench your jaw.The rechargeable battery gives approximately one week's worth of daily listening, which can be heard via integrated speakers or personal headphones. What I liked most about the Morphée was it is ergonomic, great for sleep but also a good device to help you wind down. To avoid disturbing your slumber when the clocks go back try the Morphée top tips for a good night's kip.

Turn off technology

Whether it is a new episode of your favourite show, a meme that your friend sent over or a working email that you are eager to answer, it can probably wait till tomorrow. Co-dependence of your phone is the number one enemy for making designated time to rewind your body before sleep. Make a short list of things that need your attention and turn your phone onto “don’t disturb” mode before going to bed so you won’t fall into another doom-scrolling rabbit hole.

Take a hot shower

Numerous studies have lead credibility for warm baths promoting sleep quality. The human body is conditioned to associate colder temperature with sleep, so when your body temperature drops after a hot bath, it will automatically tell your brain it is time for your body to rest. Put on some soothing music and have a few drops of essential oil in the water. Not only will it help you get sleepy, but also helps you soothe and relax after a long day.

Ensure your sleep environment is comfortable

Although it is exceedingly obvious that we should avoid any distractions if we aim to sleep better at night, we often ignore the environment around us because we are so used to our living conditions. Whether it is noise, scent, temperature or even your bed sheets, be aware of your sleep environment so you can identify any potential distractions that will keep you awake at night. Fix it if you need to.

Make yourself a hot drink

While a large meal before bed is probably going to make you toss and turn, a hot beverage is a tried-and-true method to help you feel relaxed and calm at night. There is a plethora of drinks with different active ingredients that can help induce melatonin at night too. Be it milk, hot Cocoa, chamomile tea or just water, enjoy a warm drink but make sure it doesn't contain any caffeine or irritants, otherwise your relaxation beverage will do exactly the opposite.

Incorporate meditation to your bedtime routine

Sometimes the best way to stop a racing mind is not trying to steer away all your thoughts but rather being mindful about it. For beginners, using guided audio sessions is an easy and economical way to start the meditation journey.

Morphée is available online and at Selfridges priced at £79.99

Anji McGrandles

Anji McGrandles

Anji is our resident wellbeing coach and expert. She loves experiencing wellness destinations and checking out the latest wellness products, books and events.