Still searching for your 2020 Summer vacation? Room Mate Olivia might be the answer …

“Having established itself over the world as the leading Spanish urban chain, Room Mate Group is continuing to innovate and has created a new business line, as it aims to rediscover the experience and concept of the beachfront hotel.” 


As the January blues creep up and the hunger for some foreign sunshine settles in, there’s no better time to start thinking about your 2020 summer getaway. But, instead of clocking up your air mileage chasing the warm temperatures and Insta-worthy landscapes, Room Mate’s most-recent boutique hotel to hit the map means you no longer have to fly long-haul to experience some oceanside luxury.


And to celebrate the opening of their most recent venture, Room Mate Beach Hotel are gifting their customers with 40% off bookings throughout January. Despite the brand having established itself worldwide since 2005,  the hotel will be the first of its kind for Kike Sarasola, who’s vision to expand into beachside resorts is looking to be a successful move for the company.


Credit – Room Mate Hotels


Alongside the carefully crafted selection of culinary delights on offer, visitors can expect to be greeted with an interior fashioned by internationally-renowned landscape designer, Jaime Beriestain.


“I have focused on the Mediterranean, its beaches, its culture, and its traditions and also taken inspiration from the vital role that craftsmanship plays in many of the island’s towns. I have closely studied materials used by local craftspeople on the island, such as leather, clay, ceramics and vegetable fibers, in order to creatively incorporate them into the hotel’s decor”


Credit – Room Mate Hotels


Tapping into this season’s most coveted trends of wellness and personal health, the hotel doesn’t fall short of its own wellbeing amenities – boasting an impressive four open-air swimming pools and Balinese-inspired sun deck area, Room Mate is the perfect excuse to take a break from your everyday routine and unwind on the coast of one of Spain’s most atmospheric landscapes. Located just off the island’s prominent Calviá Beach, Room Mate Olivia grants its guests with their own little slice of beachside tranquillity; but should you find yourself craving the urban-city lifestyle energy, the islands capital city of Palma can be accessed via a short drive from the hotel.


So, as to be expected, House of Coco couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit this exciting new addition to the Balearic’s shoreline. In the run-up to the hotel’s grand opening, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our socials later this year and join us on our trip to oceanside heaven.


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