This holiday season looks different than years before. You likely have more free time on your hands and may not be seeing loved ones over the holidays. Creative laser cutting projects are a great way to pass the time and to show your loved ones you care from afar through thoughtful holiday gifts. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Getting Started

Whether you’re a seasoned laser cutting pro or a beginner, here are few simpler projects to get started. The first step is getting your laser cutter from a reliable supplier, like Once you’ve secured a laser cutter, you’re ready to start getting creative.

A luminary box is a fantastic choice for someone’s who’s just getting started using a laser cutter. A luminary box is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to start using laser cutters. But one should check reviews of thunder laser before proceeding. They’re festive, add a touch of light and warmth to any space, and only require some plywood, wood clamps, and wood glue. Another great beginner project is a leather patch, which you can add to a hat or jacket. Drink coasters are another great, easy project that requires minimal materials. You can even use your laser cutter to create wooden greeting or holiday cards. You can also easily make necklace pendants with a laser cutter.

If you’re a teacher or have a teacher in your life, you can create a marker holder with just your laser cutter and acrylic plastic sheets. For any musician in your life, you can use your laser cutter to make a guitar rosette. For a college or high school student, use your laser cutter to make a pendant with just a heavy craft felt. Key chains are another great, easy project to make with your laser cutter. If you have a green thumb, you can even make plant tags. A great resource for project instructions is Instructables.

More Advanced Projects

If you’re ready to take on more challenging laser cutting projects, perhaps it’s time to try 3D or multimedia creations. With your laser cutter, you can make 3D animals out of stacked slices of plywood. A puzzle box is always a fun laser cutting project. For more fun and games, you can use your laser cutter to create a chessboard and chess pieces. You can even create unique furniture, like an elaborate lamp.

With your laser cutter, you can even make music boxes and clocks. You can also use your laser cutter to engrave metal, including creating a custom metal flask. With your laser cutter, you are also able to make intricate toys, like model airplanes. Laser cutters can be used to make tiny models of many things, including homes. Laser cutters can also be helpful for special events, like making table numbers for a wedding. A great resource for project instructions is MakerBots.


So maybe you’re excited to start laser cutting but aren’t sure how to begin. You can check out open-source instructions on how to build and create DIY projects on sites the sites listed above. These sites will list all of the resources you’ll need to start making incredible creations, as well as step-by-step guides on how to make them. Once you’ve gotten more practice with your laser cutter, you can even start sharing some of your own original creations for others to try.

Once you’ve gotten started with your laser cutter, the only limit is your imagination. You can cut, paste, paint, and design your way into just about anything.


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