Last week, TeamCocopup Charlie went on a holistic adventure at The Stratford Hotel. What ensued was a furry, messy, stretchy, and oftentimes chaotic morning of ‘doga’ which left both TeamCocopup and mum in utter OHM-azement.

‘Doga’ is a human yoga practice that helps pups and their parents bond through a dog-friendly yoga practice. Led by the UK’s only dog yoga specialist, Mahny Djahanguiri, doga is a fun way to incorporate your four-legged best friend to your yoga practice and get a little bit of a workout too.

Located in the stunning Stratford Hotel, just across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, our doga morning was a great way for TeamCocopup Charlie to make new friends and for mums to get their zen on.

Weather permitting, the Stratford Hotel’s doga classes are usually held in the Sky terrace, which offers panoramic views of the city. The Stratford is a dazzling example of timeless glamour and contemporary style and takes design cues from New York’s long-stay hotels.

Our doga class was made up of about 10-15 playful dogs, and TeamCocopup Charlie was immediately making new friends. You don’t have to be an expert yogi for the class, as it only incorporated the most basic yoga moves (yes – downward facing dog included). Don’t worry if your dog-yogi companion is a little bit overexcited too. Because according to our doga instructor Mahny – dogs are allowed to ‘misbehave’ and interact with the other dogs as much as they want, and the doga would work its magic.

The classes can last anything from one hour to two – depending on how boisterous the dogs are. Barring a few ‘accidents’ here and there, our doga class was a truly fantastic way to work out and socialise your dogs. After the class, doga participants are invited to a delicious brunch at The Brasserie. Here, you can re-energise with a healthy selection of brunch favourites, while your dogs play with their fellow dog-yogis. We highly recommend it.

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