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Tech Brings the Casino to Your Home

Casinos are the synonym for luxury, sophistication, and glamor. That’s just one reason why they became part of many people’s choice of entertainment.

Casinos are the synonym for luxury, sophistication, and glamor. That’s just one reason why they became part of many people’s choice of entertainment. However, the 2020 global events forced casinos, like everyone else, to close their doors to visitors. Fortunately, players didn’t have to give up their passion because tech brought the casinos to their homes. We are already living in the future and now every player can play online casino sites in Kuwait, located hundreds of kilometers away from this country.

The Brief Overview of Online Casino History

The first online casino opened its virtual doors to players in 1996. Since then, the industry has grown massively, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

But How Did It All Begin?

In 1994, the Antigua and Barbuda government put in force the ”Free Trade and Processing Zone Act”, which allowed the country to issue permits to companies that wanted to launch online casinos. The same year, in South Africa, Microgaming appeared.

Although the platform they created then was nothing like the platforms we enjoy today, it certainly paved the way for other companies to join the industry. Undoubtedly, the company we can thank for enjoying our favorite games from the comfort of our homes today is Microgaming.

But the story doesn’t end there. In 1995, another company appeared. It was Cryptologic, a household name in the gambling circles even today. What differentiated Cryptologic from other online casinos and made them innovators in the field was that they made online monetary transactions possible, quick, and safe.

Almost 30 years later, it is still clear that without the hard work, outside-the-box mindset, and devotion of Microgaming and Cryptologic, who knows what the online casino industry would look like today (or whether it would have been this popular).

The Success of Online Casinos Depends on the Advances in Technology

Technology and online casinos go hand in hand, and the success of online casinos relies heavily on their tech stack. In addition, the increased use of the internet directly affected the number of people joining these platforms. Today, when almost everything is just a click away, it doesn’t surprise why more and more people engage in online gambling.

What’s more, technology enables an experience similar to land-based casinos. Punters can interact with other individuals in real-time; such is the case with the live casino at superseven.com. Top-quality croupiers interact with you over a game of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and even monopoly!

In addition, with smartphones becoming an integral part of our everyday life, mobile casinos have grown in popularity in the past couple of years. Players no longer have to be in front of their computers to play their favorite games. Instead, they can be anywhere and access online casinos via their Android or Apple devices.

What the Future Holds for Online Casinos

It’s safe to say that in the case of the gambling industry, the future is virtual. Although people will continue going to traditional establishments, online casinos’ convenience is hard to outweigh. Therefore, land-based casinos must adapt to changes. Otherwise, they risk being defeated by their virtual counterparts.

Virtual reality (VR) research began in earnest in the mid-80s, although the roots of the idea can be traced as far back as the 1950s! More recently, its use became more prevalent with gaming consoles, but there are now standalone games and platforms that only use VR tech for playing. Likewise, the online casino industry has adopted this trend and it is expected to evolve even more.

For instance, punters can play slots in virtual reality in some no-download casinos.

The Main Software Developers in the Business

Those thinking about starting a casino in the digital space would be glad to know, just in the US, casino and mobile gaming apps generated $53 billion in revenue in 2021. So yes, it’s profitable.

However, it’s challenging to stand out in the crowd, and companies must innovate and create unique offers to attract new and keep existing clients. Still, most online casinos partner with pretty much the same software companies, proven experts in the field, including:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Betsoft
  • Realtime Gaming

The changes the casino industry is facing right now are beyond exciting. Players have more and more options at their disposal, and judging by the current progress, we’re yet to see what marvelous tech the online casino industry will bring us next.