Colombian Bakery cakes and pastries are quite famous all over the world. They stand out because of their delicious and unique flavors along with the beautiful decorations with intricate detailing. When it comes to decorating Colombian cakes and pastries, is a century-old tradition. This tradition was passed down through different generations of pastry chefs and bakers. If you want to know the art of decorating Colombian cakes or pastries, then you need to know the traditional art of doing it. Read on.

Decorating Colombian Cakes & Pastries

To know the art of decorating cakes and pastries in the traditional Colombian style, you have to know all the essential details. The true Colombian style depends on its designs and detailing along with the additions that you make on the top of the cake or pastries. Here is the list of the essential details that you have to include:

  • Icing or frosting

The most important and popular decoration for Colombian cake is the use of icing or frosting on it. Most Colombian pastries and cakes are covered with a very thin layer of icing which is mainly made up of butter, vanilla extract and some powdered sugar. Once this layer is done, it is topped with very intricate detailing. This detailing is made from royal fondant or icing.

  • Royal icing

Another major part of decorating Colombian cakes or pastries is royal icing. It is not only a tradition but it is also a popular choice as it can dry really quickly. Hence, it is very easy to work with. The royal icing is prepared by mixing the white part of an egg, lemon juice, and sugar (powdered). You can use food-graded colors for creating different hues. Using this royal icing, pastry chefs and bakers can create some intricate and beautiful designs and patterns on the cake. These include leaves, flowers, figures, etc.

  • Fondant

The next most important part of decorating pastries and cakes in Colombia is the fondant. The dough of the fondant is based on sugar which is molded into different designs and shapes for decoration. To add color to the design, some food-graded colors are also mixed with it.

  • Other detailing

Besides the use of fondant and icing or frosting, Colombian pastries and cakes use some additional items for decorations. Many of them use chocolate shavings for decoration, while many of them use fresh fruits. To make it look more royal and stunningly beautiful, edible embellishments are used. These are glitters, pearls, and more but all these are edible in nature.


Hopefully, it is quite clear to you about the right art to decorate the cakes or pastries in the traditional Colombian style. It is a time-honored tradition and it requires a lot of patience to master the skills. In addition to all these, you have to be quite creative too about how you can decorate or design the pastries and cakes. Because of so much detail and delicious taste, Colombian pastries, and cakes are still considered one of the best desserts all over the world.


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