New Zealand boasts of cultural richness, roots, and captivating beauty that always attracts tourists. Hence, when it’s time to head home, many make it a necessity to bring something that can remind them of all the good moments that happened on the islands when their vacation is over. The best part is that there are tons of souvenirs that you can get, from carved pounamu (greenstone) necklaces to their popular wine and Manuka honey.

This country is also well-versed in its entertainment. On your visit, you can check out land-based casinos for an evening of pure amusement, play the best nz slots, and probably get some money rewards. Alternatively, you might plan a trip to one of the wildlife sanctuaries and enjoy a day out there. You can bring souvenirs from both places in the form of lovely photos. However, if you want something else, check out our today’s post. We are going to discuss souvenirs you can get for yourself and loved ones as a reminder of NZ spectacular landscape.

A List of Things to Get for Friends and Family From NZ

As you navigate the vast landscape of New Zealand, searching for the best souvenirs to take home, remember that each item is more than just a trinket. It is a gateway to reliving the magic of your journey and cherishing the memory from time to time. Here are some of the best things that you can buy:

  • Chocolate: While it is not the most original gift that you can bring from here, it is a great one to get. The most popular chocolate brand in the country is Whittaker’s. You can get it from any supermarket, with a wide variety of flavours to pick from, from kiwi to roasted almonds and caramel brittle. It has specialty blocks that come in premium packaging, making it a perfect gift. You can also check out craft chocolate makers and shops around to get customised packages;
  • Pounamu: Also known as greenstone or NZ jade. It is regarded as a treasure by the Maori people and is traditionally given as a gift. This makes it the perfect souvenir to gift yourself and your loved ones as a reminder of your visit to this remarkable country. It is important to note that it can only be found within this country, and all genuine one displays a mark of authenticity from Ngāi Tahu (the legal kaitiaki, or guardians of New Zealand greenstone) and a dynamic traceability code;
  • Honey: It is more than a mere delicious spread for your toast. It is a liquid gold sought after and liked by many locals and tourists, especially the manuka honey. Head to the supermarket or a specialty store to get a jar before you leave. However, be sure to check the import regulations of the country you are entering to confirm that it is okay to bring honey in;
  • Skincare: The country has different skincare brands that make their products using the local ingredients grown within. You can find them at supermarkets, department stores, or pharmacies. A perfect example is Aotea’s Kawakawa balm, a native skincare remedy. Many of these skincare products are inspired by traditional Maori herbal practices, so they contain ingredients like harakeke, mānuka, and kawakawa;
  • Hot Sauce: In recent years, this has become a hot commodity on the to-buy list as a souvenir. The people of New Zealand take pride in their locally-made products, and you will be thrilled you got this. The options vary from Kaitaia Fire, produced from chilis planted in Northland, to the Waha Wera Kiwifruit & Habanero hot sauce with a local and appealing flavour;
  • Christmas Decors: To always remember your visit and go down memory lane, you can take a slice of the landscape with you. As you hang them on your Christmas tree, you’ll reminisce about the time spent and be grateful for the opportunity to experience and visit such a spectacular landscape. Some intricate decorations include surfing Santas, sheep, native birds, pairs of jandals, buzzy bees, pōhutukawa baubles, and even more unusual ornaments.

While there are many more of NZ you can take back to your residence, these are just a few that you should consider if you feel overwhelmed.

Have Fun Shopping!

There is an endless list of the things you can take back home to give you and the people you love a feel of NZ. There are even toys and books for sale that you can buy for your children to help them learn about this fascinating landscape. Like everything else you have done during your time in New Zealand, this is another opportunity to have fun and explore the grounds. Promise us not to go home without getting a souvenir!


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