The C-Word: No Nonsense Gift Guides, The Rock and Roll Star

We all know them, the girls that jumped from groupie vibes when we were in our early twenties to bonafide rock star finesse. Perhaps that’s why her hair’s so big – it’s full of secrets?!

Whether they are freaking out about asking for a raise or raising their first born while covered in their first born’s breakfast they look flipping awesome. They also likely have a wardrobe full of oversized sunglasses and drainpipe jeans.

This gift guide is for The Rock and Roll Star



Disclaimer: I have been crazy about Sarah Baily and her work since we  took a selfie as I looked just like a friend of hers. Since that point, just a few years ago, her brand has exploded with jacket concessions in Topshop and being rocked by Rita Ora in a campaign for Rimmel.

If your secret santa budget doesn’t stretch to a heavenly tasseled, metallic jacket, don’t fret. You can nab one of these engraved ‘Girl Gang’ leather key chains for only a tenner or star print card wallet for £36.50. More money for jagerbombs that way.




Get creative and commission Yvonne, of Jolie Laide Ceramix, for a bespoke band vase, teapot or whatever. Yvonne sources so-ugly-it’s-amazing vintage crockery from across the UK and then applies the band logo of your choice creating a one-of-a-kind talking point with a purpose.

Prices start from just £18 so you can afford to go in hard and get a whole tea set branded with your school friend’s favourite sweepy fringed, lip pierced bands from when they were 15.





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