Hotel Senato – Slick, sophisticated and incredibly sexy. I have been to Italy every year for the past 6 years – usually to escape the fast pace city life, however this time round I decided I was going to try Milan! a weekend of shopping, espresso martinis and art galleries – that is what my soul needed!

Finding the perfect hotel that partnered my long weekend perfectly wasn’t an easy task. I wanted something small, personal, boutique and stylish. And hey presto! like a gift from god – Hotel Senato appeared.

The hustle and bustle of Milan is vibrant. Elegant women dressed head to toe in Prada are the only people left on earth who can still make smoking look sexy. The streets are filled with well dressed Italian fashionistas making those incredibly important phone calls with one hand, clutching their iced coffees in another. So it is incredibly refreshing when you push those doors open and enter the cool world of Hotel Senato.

A hotel so well designed – everything down to the perfect tiled floor you walk on is thought so well through. They say its all in the detail – Interiors so blissfully put together even the soft furnishings marry the wonderful pieces of furniture so well – it is nothing but style. Everything you deserve and more.

The room does not let me down – crisp fresh sheets. Long French windows with a Juliette balcony that overlooks the courtyard downstairs. As I place my bags down, I take a seat and admire the room and as a cool wind blows through the room blowing the long white curtains in like a smooth slow dance – I have finally fallen in love with Milan.

The room has all the necessities – including extra pillows! which I always usually have to ask for! the room is cool, contemporary and the fine details run throughout including the bathroom!

Pier is our host for the evening – a true Italian gent. The creative director at Hotel Senato selected some beautiful to die for cocktails and appetisers. A menu so well thought about consisting of only fresh and local ingredients – every morsel that passed my mouth was like tasting heaven.

I have always been dubious about going to a city when I am constantly city hopping in the UK – however Milan served me something else – I understand why it is one of the worlds fashion capitals. However escaping those crazy city vibes is a must! and nothing screams hidden paradise like the Hotel Senato.

As an avid fan of art – I found the Hotel Senato to be an actual work of art. The walls the food the service – worth every single euro! And what pleases me more about the boutique experience – that it feels like home and that makes me smile because hotels can be so cold – not Hotel Senato! The cool, contemporary vibe sweeps you in with an absolute warm embrace.

One tip – try the cocktails! actually make that two tips! take your beautifully crafted cocktail up to the hidden rooftop garden! I can assure you, your breath will be taken away – if Instagram needed moments – that would be it.


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