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The optimum number for garments in your wardrobe

Do you often find yourself going to the shop and buying a new item of clothing simply for the sake of it?

Do you often find yourself going to the shop and buying a new item of clothing simply for the sake of it? Do not fear, you aren’t the only one. Who doesn’t love going on a good shopping spree? Retail therapy is certainly up there with one of the best ways to get rid of the blues, with 79% of American women agreeing that they went shopping simply cheer themselves up. Similarly, the average women will spend approximately $125,000 on clothing and accessories during her lifetime — 3,100 different items, including more than 270 pairs of shoes.

One thing that might come as somewhat of a shock, is the fact that men actually spend more on clothes than women — certainly an interesting talking point. The survey, conducted by WWD, also questioned men on how they received their style inspirations, to which a majority responded, ‘I’m dressed by my spouse or significant other’, or, ‘I use Instagram.’

Regardless, both men and women have grown particularly large wardrobes in recent years — but where does it stop. Here, with CT Shirts, suppliers of men’s suits, we take a look at what the optimum, wardrobe should contain.


Footwear tends to be where we all get a bit too excited and over—buy. Evidently your choice and variety of footwear will depend on your day-to-day activities, but having twenty plus pairs is simply not necessary.

  • One pair of trainers — For casual occasions or nights out when you don’t fancy dressing too smartly, a pair of trainers come in handy. Choose white or black so that they can be paired with lots of different looks.
  • One pair of smart shoes — These are great for work, interviews or more formal occasions. Leather is a good choice here as you can keep them shiny and clean and they’re less likely to tarnish in the weather as suede might.
  • One pair of boots — Again good to mix and match between formal and casual events, a good pair of boots can’t go wrong. For women, a black heeled ankle boot can be paired with many outfits including dresses and skirts and for men, you can’t go wrong with a Chelsea boots.


Usually cost effective, tops are a particular easy way of completing a look as they can be paired with just about anything, but more than ten and you’re just wasting space. Of course, it depends on your employment, if you’re always at formal meetings and events your top collection will probably look different to someone who has a manual job. When buying a top, think of the different ways in which you can utilise it — will the baggy t-shirt be wearable with the chinos, and will the crop-top match the old mom jeans? We’re suggesting you buy smarter, not more.

  • Three casual tops — These are tops that you’d wear for heading out to lunch or local pub with your friends, or for visiting family on a weekend.
  • Two going out tops — Going out tops are a must-have for men and women to have in their wardrobe. For women this might be a glitzy blouse or cropped top and for a man it may be a good shirt, but not one that’s suitable for the office.
  • Two tops for smart business wear— These are tops that you need to have in case of an unexpected business meeting or for an interview. It’s always a good idea to have at least two


A pair of pants or jeans for each day of the week is a pretty good rule of thumb — despite the fact that’s not how you will use them. Your preference in the season will decipher your decision here though — if you prefer shorts or dresses in all climates then you’ll probably own less pants.

  • Three pairs of jeansOne denim expert recommended owning three pairs of jeans in her wardrobe and it makes sense! The first pair is “this year’s jeans” these are used for casual meetings, posh dinners and night time events. Then you have “last year’s jeans” these are what you would put on to run errands or head out for lunch. Finally, “the year before last year’s jeans” which are essential for housework or painting.
  • One pair of office-appropriate pants — For men this may be a smart pair of chinos and for women a pinstripe tailored trouser. Either way, it should be pants that are suitable for work and interviews.
  • Two pairs of pants for warmer weathers — The garments that sit in this category include skirts and shorts. Feel free to wear them at all times of the year, but they’re always a go-to when the sun is out.

Once again, thinking about what they can be matched with before buying them is the best thing you can do.


We have you covered, and so does a good jacket. For the man, a bomber jacket or dark denim is wearable with pretty much anything, while for a woman, faux fur is the one. We recommend only having three to four outerwear pieces in your wardrobe, as long as they’re good quality they should last a while!

  • Two casual jackets — For the cooler months or daytime events, a casual jacket is an important one to have in the wardrobe. This could be a leather jacket for some protection from the rain or a denim jacket for the warmer days.
  • One blazer — A blazer is great to slip on for a job interview with a slim fit shirt, or skirt and blouse for example. Also great for a dressy night out when paired with more of an informal outfit.
  • One waterproof/warmer jacket — It’s always a good idea to have a waterproof or warmer jacket in your wardrobe for practicality. Choose a staple colour like black, navy or grey so that you can pair it with many outfits.

So, you’ve whittled your magic number down to 25 and if you’re really good, 18. Of course, you can add alternatives in, if the weather takes a really unexpected turn, or you find yourself going on an impromptu holiday.