There is no room for one size fits all regarding shoe selection. So, it is a critical process for many to consider shoes that fit perfectly. Shopping for shoes can be a harrowing experience with naive experience. Especially while you are willing to buy a proper shoe to look stylish or increase your efficiency while running, you want a better shoe.

With better shoes goes more money from the pocket. So, if you are determined to buy a new shoe, this time an expensive one, you should not only focus on the quality because brands assure quality but never assure the size. Why? Well, brands have all sizes, but you have to find your perfect fit. It is not the responsibility of the brands to find the best size for you but yours.

In this modern world, we are surrounded by digital marketing. Here comes the prominence of online marketing, but that also comes with some constraints. Don’t worry! We have got you covered this time. Providing guidance on finding shoes is not easy but keep reading to understand your size and the perfect shoe that fits it.

How Should Shoes Fit Your Legs?

The main conflict in our mind is with the size selection process. While buying shoes online, we have to select the size first.

While dealing with the shoe-buying process, you must consider the perfect fit. However, what is the perfect fit?

Well, your feet will tell you that. While going for a size 20 shoe, you must measure your feet according to it. For instance, if your feet are 14 inches in length, you need to consider a shoe size that is 15.5 inches in length, as it will keep up with the extra space of 1/2 to 1 inch.

Otherwise, while running or walking, your feet can get hurt while crashing with the shoe structure again and again.

This is why you need a perfect fit of shoes.

Why Is Finding The Right Fit So Important?

Finding the right fit is crucial as it turns out to be the perfect one for you to wear in the future. It is not like you can wear anything in between to fit your foot. A perfect size shoe is your friend in every need. Well, what’s your size?

Does not matter until you find out how the shoes measure it. Sometimes you might have heard that size 20 shoes are for athletes. Well, that is not true, but it indicates that size 20 is a big shoe that fits the big feet of people.

Well, here is one thing you must know that all big guys do not have big feet. So, the body structure can form differently for several people, and thus it is better to find out the perfect shoe size after measuring the feet size.

If you do not go for a particular fit of size 20 shoes, then it’s important to change it later to prevent adverse conditions. We wear shoes not just to wear, but it works for us when we are running or walking fast and also standing in difficult layers of land.

When you have a perfect size fit shoe, your foot will be able to cope with every expansion and illustration in need.

How To Find The Perfect Size For Your Feet

Finding the perfect shoe size is difficult because you don’t know the measurement of your feet. Well, if you want a perfect-sized show, look and measure your feet first.

If your foot length is 14 inches or around, you can simply go for a size 20 shoe, and it will fit your foot perfectly. Likewise, if your foot length is around 12, you need a size 16 fit of shoes.

You can do that better by following a shoe chart from a particular brand which gives you the details before buying the shoes.

It’s better to measure your feet first.


  • Measuring ruler or tape.
  • Paper.
  • Marker or a pencil.
  • Chair to sit on while taking the measurement.

Other Things To Consider

Consider these as your conditions when you check out for new shoes. It can help you to find the perfect fit for your shoe pairs.

  • Socks.
  • Time of the day when you try new shoes.
  • Seek help in need.
  • Focus on the brand because shoe size varies.

While you are not alone in this mess, you don’t need to worry about it because there is always a solution. Just follow it!


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