The Veganuary Snacks You Need In Your Cupboard

Whether you're doing Veganuary or not, these snacks are exactly what you need to stock up on in your cupboard. From spicy snacks to vegan chocolate, here's a list of tasty treats to help keep away those January blues.

Although the holidays are over, we still need a snack or two to keep us company this month and, considering it’s Veganuary, why not make those snacks vegan? Whether you’re looking to continue indulging or snack on something a little more healthy, these snack brands are plant-based and pretty delicious.

Whether you’re doing Veganuary or not, these snacks are exactly what you need to stock up on in your cupboard. From spicy snacks to vegan chocolate, here’s a list of tasty treats to help keep away those January blues.

ChicP Hummus and Veggie Bites

Snack on ChicP’s hummus and veggie bites this Veganuary

Bringing a healthy dose of colour to our cupboards, ChicP’s range of hummus pots and veggie bites are all made from excess vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste. Available in a variety of flavours – all packed full of vitamins and antioxidants – each and every one is delciious and healthy. Our favourite has to be the chilli pumpkin hummus and sweet potato and rosemary bites but we’ll be adding all of them to our shopping basket. ChicP is a sustainable brand, founded on a passionate commitment to reduce food waste while also delivering delicious eats along the way.

Hummus and Veggie Bites, available from £2.50

Montezuma’s’ Vegan Chocolate

Enjoy Montezuma’s dark and plant-based m*lk chocolate

Chocolatiers Montezuma’s are here to fix those chocolate blues for anyone who has adopted a plant-based diet or who is doing Veganuary this month. If you’re craving vegan chocolate this January, try Montezuma’s’ latest choice of chocolate bars, such as one of the brand’s best-selling bars, the Absolute Black flavour, which contains 100 per cent cocoa. Another vegan option is the Like No Udder milk chocolate alternative, which has a really smooth and creamy flavour, despite being a milk chocolate substitute.

Get Montezuma’s Absolute Black for £2.59 and Like No Udder chocolate for £2.99 online.

Nush Almond M*lk Ch*ese and Yogs

Nush has launched its almond m*lk ch*ese and yogs

Nush yogs are available in six flavours: natural almond, strawberry almond, raspberry almond, blueberry almond, peach melba almond and caramel hibiscus almond. All light and creamy in flavour and texture, these plant-based yogurts are a perfect swap to their dairy counterparts this Veganuary. Elsewhere the ch*ese tubs come in natural and chive flavours and are the perfect spread swap for your sandwiches – or even to use when cooking and baking vegan dishes.

Nush Ch*ese tubs are £2.99 while the yogs start at £1.50.

Holy Moly Dips Guacamole

Guacamole dips are good all year round

Who doesn’t love avocado on toast – Veganuary or any regular month of the year – and guacamole is another much-loved dip on which to snack. Whether you don’t have the time to make your own or just prefer the fuss-free life, Holy Moly Dips come in four varieties, each one delicious, healthy and homemade. Using only the best ingredients, there’s no powders or artificial preservatives in Holy Moly Dips either. Come Blue Monday – or any day this lockdown or after, to be quite honest, perk yourself up by indulging in a creamy avocado mousse, courtesy of Holy Moly Dips.

Mint Chocolate & Avocado Mousse

Cheer up this Blue Monday thanks to Holy Moly’s avocado mousse

Time: 5 minutes
Serves 2


·        1 pack Holy Moly Smashed Avocado (150g)
·        1 large banana, ripe
·        35g dark chocolate, melted (plus extra for garnish)
·        1 tbsp raw cacao powder
·        1 tbsp mint extract
·        1 tbsp milk (room temperature)
·        1 tbsp maple syrup, optional
·        2 tbsp coconut yoghurt
·        Mixed berries


1. Melt the chocolate and add to a small food processor or blender with the Holy Moly Smashed Avocado, banana pieces, cacao powder and mint, and blend until smooth and creamy. Add the milk to thin, if necessary. Taste and add the maple syrup if desired, and add more mint if needed.

2. Spoon into two small bowls, top with the coconut yoghurt, some berries and extra chopped chocolate. Enjoy straight away. Or leave in the fridge covered and add the yoghurt and toppings just before serving.

The Holy Moly Starter Pack costs £10 online.

Howdah Snacks

Enjoy these spicy vegan snacks from Howdah

Howdah Snacks come in four flavours – all of which are completely vegan. Choose from onion bhajis, bombay mix, bakarwadi bites and masala dippers and crunch on these crisp alternatives conscious-free. Whether you’re looking for a sweet or savoury treat, Howdah Snacks has you covered and the jumbo size of the bags makes them great for sharing this Veganuary. As well as being vegan, Howdah Snacks operates a one-for-one initiative, where the brand donates a free school meal to a child in need in India for every bag of their snacks sold.

Each bag is £2.60, with packs of six available for £15.

GROUNDED M*lkshakes

Now you can enjoy vegan chocolate m*lk too – thanks to GROUNDED

Enter GROUNDED: the vegan brand offering up pure plant protein m*lkshakes. This Veganuary, don’t be denied of your milkshake or chocolate milk, thanks to this all-natural, dairy-free protein shake. The shakes are available in two flavours: m*lk chocolate and mint chocolate, with each carton containing 20g of pure plant protein.

Available via the GROUNDED shop for £2.99 per carton.

Cru8 Cookies and Macaroons

Cookies can be kind like these vegan ones from Cru8

British brand Cru8 has a wide range of plant-based snacks – both sweet and savoury. As well as kale crisps, vegan bread and bagels, the brand sells bags of raw macaroons and cookies which are the perfect kitchen cupboard snack this Vegnuary. Packed full of nutrients, this high protein snack is also gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. Choose from raw chocolate chip and oatmeal and raisin cookies; sprouted buckwheat granola bars and raw almond, cacao, cacao and mint, cacao and orange, lemon and chia seed and pistachio macaroons. Who said January couoldn’t be full of treats?

Buy Cru8’s macarons for £5.90 and the cookies online for £6.50.

The Real Foodists Yo’Ridge Breakfast Pots

Enjoy Yo’Ridge vegan porridge this Veganuary

Yo’Ridge Breakfast Pots are the plant based love child of yoghurt and porridge, made from an innovative blend of oats, lentils, sesame and coconut, mixed together with pure maple syrup and fruit. Available in three tasty flavours, those wanting to try a new breakfast idea and go vegan – for the month or longer – can choose from Banana, Maple and Cocoa Nibs; Apple, Cranberry and Cinnamon and Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackcurrants. All include gut-healthy cultures and are the perfect start to the day. Plant-based, free from dairy, soya and refined sugar, this is surely the healthy and happy snack we all need this month. Throughout Veganuary, enjoy 25 per cent off your porridge pots.

At £1.29 a pot, find your nearest stockist here.

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Chocolate

Another vegan chocolate brand to indulge in this month

Not only is Veganuary trending this month but so is CBD. Body and Mind Botanicals has a range of cannabis products that support stress relief and wellbeing, as well as being vegan. The chocolate bars are artisanal and handcrafted and contain enough CBD per person for 12 days. Choose from three varieties: dark; mint dark chocolate and orange dark chocolate – the latter being our favourite.

Each bar is £6.99 online.


Doughlicious’ new vegan cookie dough energy balls are great for snacking

Hands up if you love cookie dough. Hands up if you love energy balls. Right, if both hands are in the air, you’re going to love Doughlicious’ vegan ready-to-eat cookie dough bites. A cross between cookie dough and an energy or protein balls, these ‘lite bites’ are perfect for Veganuary snacking and come in a range of tasty flavours. Our favourites had to be the chocolate and peanut crunch, while the apple crumble was the perfect ‘nice’ version of a naughty treat. Available in single packs or to order as a bundle, stock up your fridge now.

Order the Little Dough Bites from £1.99 a pack.

Tasty Mates Sweets

Chew on these tasty, vegan gummies from Tasty Mates

Another one for the sweet tooth in all of us; Tasty Mates is a newly-launched vegan gummy sweets brand in time for Veganuary this year. Available in a range of flavours, the Pearl Crumble and Peaches and Cream sound right up our street, but there’s also Salted Caramel and Very Berry from which to choose. Plant-based and using only natural colouring and flavourings, the sweets are also packaged in 100% recyclable material.

Available from £2.49 at tastymates.co.uk – website launching next week.

Perkier Immune Booster Bars

Enjoy these vegan booster bars from Perkier this Veganuary

Plant-based bars from Perkier that taste delicious and contain everything you need to support your immune system this January. The first Vitamin D chocolate bars that contain 100 per cent NRV of Vitamins D, C and B12, these bars make quite a tasty treat. An alternative to the traditional supplement, the bars are available in Nutty Toffee with Dark Chcolate and Salted Caramel with Dark Chocolate varieties.

Available from Amazon, Asda and Morrison’s, as well as at Sainsbury’s for 75p.

Mash Direct Vegan Mashed Potato

Mash Direct offers new vegan mash and vegetable puréed vegetables

Most mashed potato varieties use butter to deliver that delicious, creamy taste but Mash Direct’s vegan mashed potato uses olive oil instead, making it completely vegan. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, this is actually a lighter version of the indulgent classic side dish. Also inspired by Veganuary, there’s a Vegan Carrot & Swede dish, using heritage carrots and steamed swedes, packed full of flavour. Not just plant-based but healthy too!

Purchase from Nisa and Spar for 99p.

The Groovy Food Company Coconut Flour

Make sure you’re cooking with vegan essentials too

Since we’re all stuck at home in another lockdown, it’s safe to say we’re all cooking and baking more. So why not make that fully vegan too, with The Groovy Food Company’s Coconut Flour? Highly versatile, the organic coconut sugar can be used as a direct swap to refined sugar in both sweet and savoury dishes. Acing Veganuary, are we? The flour has a unique, buttery, caramel taste to it, thanks to the coconut sugar, which only adds to the depth and flavour of whatever you’re cooking or baking.

Available for £3.75 from Holland & Barrett.

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