Things You Need To Know about Temp Agency Hiring

One of the trends about work for the past decades is going for short-term job positions. This is most popular among those who have multiple interests and such. [...]

One of the trends about work for the past decades is going for short-term job positions. This is most popular among those who have multiple interests and such. This short-term job position trend is also called the “gig” economy. People find more flexibility with their time and space with being able to set their working schedules based on the jobs they have. This comes hand-in-hand with another type of flexible employment, also a popular option, which is temporary work.

Temporary Work

Temporary work is a job position that is time-limited. It commonly lasts for more or less 6 months. More and more companies have been employing temporary staff on a project-by-project basis during situations where they need more manpower to fulfil different key business processes. Along with this, some candidates seek to work for a limited time. Temporary work can be found through temp agencies.

Temp Agencies

Temporary employment agencies, which are more popularly known as temp agencies, are a form of a recruitment agency that provides services for job-seekers that are trying to find temporary work by looking for opportunities for job positions. This goes with offering services for companies trying to fill vacancies and hire candidates for a time-limited basis as well.

Temp agencies are the intermediary between candidates and companies. They are also called staffing agencies in different places but they function the same in specializing in connecting candidates to companies to fill temporary vacancies and roles. They can offer seasonal, part-time, or full-time scheduling options.

How Temp Agencies Work

For employers, temp agencies somehow act as an outside human resource department. They turn to temp agencies as sometimes they work more efficiently, or that their human resource department has already so much to handle. Temp agencies take the pressure off the company’s human resource department by handling the hiring, firing, background-checking, screening, drug testing, and skills training processes for businesses. Moreover, one of the advantages of availing services from temp agencies is that temp agencies have better access to a broader applicant pool.

For workers, temp agencies are opportunities and platforms for being employed in a job position even as the job market becomes difficult to venture on with a constant increase of job-seekers. Candidates can go to different temp agency locations for hiring events. Additionally, for those who have insufficient or low-demand skills, temp agencies have been their last resort in finding job opportunities. Placements for employees are completely free. Temp agencies provide free skills training for candidates who need it. However, temp agencies do not only provide unskilled workers, they also offer highly skilled temporary workers in sophisticated fields such as technology, medicine, engineering, and publishing. Temp agencies match the short-term jobs provided with the candidate’s skill sets. More so, having flexible schedule options are also common for temporary job positions. Being hired by a temp agency can lead to a permanent job position when the client you are working for through the temp agency finds your work a great contribution to accomplishing their goals. 

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