It can be highly stressful on a person when moving all their belongings interstate. You need to choose a removalist that can get the job done professionally, and that is accomplished when it comes to taking care of your most valued possessions while in transit.

Helpful tips to follow when you’re deciding on hiring a reliable removalist

1. Make Sure You Submit Your Quote Request

When preparing for the big move and starting with the planning phase, the first thing you need to do is to send your quote request to the removalist. The company will assess the circumstances and provide you with a detailed quotation of all the costs involved and the terms and conditions.

2. Ask The Relevant Questions

Don’t be hesitant to raise your concerns and to ask the appropriate questions. A professional moving company will have the necessary patience and will have an understanding of your concerns. Moving interstate is a significant decision and deciding which removal company you’ll be hiring is not a decision to be taken lightly. Ask questions about pick-up and delivery times, insurance, costs, limitations, exclusions, unpackaging, bulky items, the safety of your belongings, fragile belongings and whatever other details they need to take into consideration.

3. Make A Checklist Of All Your Belongings

When you are consulting with an interstate moving company Canberra, it can be highly advantageous to have a checklist ready of all the items that you want them to transport. This way you can determine whether there will be any additional fees for unique items such as pianos and antiques or other specialised services such as packaging, storing and unpacking etc.

4. Consider Insurance Options

You need to ensure that your pieces arrive safely and in the same condition as before, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may result in unexpected accidents and should any of your belongings get damaged during transit, you must have a backup plan by being financially secure to replace what you’ve lost. Discuss the issue with your removalist to see if they have any insurance policy options available.

5. Do Your Research

There are so many interstate removal companies on the market; it can get tricky to choose one that will cater to your needs while providing competitive pricing. Take into consideration your specific requirements and make comparisons between the professional companies to find one that will meet your expectations. A good sign of a company that is making use of best practices are companies that are endorsed by independent bodies. Removal companies that are listed on the AFRA (Australian furniture removals association) are usually a good indication that they meet the stringent criteria of proper staff training, premium service delivery and health and safety practices. This can also be a demonstration of a good track record relating to the industry.

6. Choose Professionalism Over Price

Ideally you want the best service for the cheapest price option, but when it comes to moving your valuables, then going with the most competitive hourly rate is not recommended. Professional removalists that are self-assured about the quality of the service they can provide their clients and that has excellent customer satisfaction ratings can give you the peace of mind that you need when moving interstate.


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