Are you tired of the same ole’ cup of Joe? If so, you are not alone. Coffee drinkers are open to trying recommended tips from friends, family members, co-workers, old classmates, and strangers. If you have not received a few tips and tricks, it is probably because you end up at the same coffee shop every morning. Believe it or not, this is common for coffee drinkers to stick with the same recipes while coffee lovers tend to mix things up a bit. When it comes down to it, preferences play a major role in the type of coffee people drink. If you are interested in learning how to spice up your morning Joe or want to find the best coffee, check out the tips provided below.

Mix In Your Favourite Treats

Is there a treat you like to enjoy from time to time? If so, have you ever considered adding it to your morning cup of coffee? Treats like cinnamon, peppermint, dark chocolate, caramel, and honey can be added to coffee for flavor enhancement. You really cannot go wrong when mixing sweets with coffee. However, you do not want to overdo it when going this route.

Add a tiny pinch of this and that to see how you like it before going overboard. Too much of a good thing could very well ruin a cup of coffee. So, gradually add your favorite sweets to coffee. Once you determine the mixture is desirable, you can add as much as you like but not until then.

The Coffee Bean Queen has great tips when it comes to coffee/treat mixtures. Again, a pitch of your favorite sweet is all you need to enhance the flavor of the coffee.

Keep The Ratio In Mind

Some people like their coffee on the strong side while others prefer mild flavors. It is really up to you but keeping the recommended coffee/water ratio in mind is ideal for new coffee drinkers. It can take weeks to determine just how you like your coffee. In the meantime, you can add and take away as much as you like.

The recommended ratio is 1:20 (one part of your favorite coffee to 20 parts hot water). When you break the 1:20 coffee/water ratio down, it adds up to 150 milliliters of hot water and 7-1/2 grams of your favorite coffee.

While the coffee/water ratio is recommended by the top experts, some coffee drinkers do not like to stick with the norm. In fact, it is not unusual for long-time coffee drinkers to utilize more or less water, depending on their strength preferences.

Grind To Perfection

Some people are unaware of the importance of coffee grinds. Some experts believe that the grind of coffee impacts the flavor significantly. There are three main coffee grinds – fine, medium, and coarse. It is believed that fine ground coffee beans are not as strong as medium and coarse grinds. However, some experts dispute this theory.

If you are interested in spicing up your coffee without additional additives, you may want to switch up your grind. With this said, going from fine to medium or coarse will add time to the brewing process.


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