Whether travelling for business or pleasure, it’s important to be prepared, not only making sure the simple things are covered such as remembering where you have hidden your passport or booking travel insurance, but also considering your safety in transit and at your destination.

The number of global travellers increases significantly each year and small changes in the approach to a trip can make a big difference for work and play. We got the inside information from experts in the travel security sphere for their top tips on how to stay safe when travelling.

Anna-Liisa Tampuu, Founder of SheTravel comments, “The modern world has transformed the way in which we work and travel. More often, business and leisure trips take us to destinations where the culture and traditions differ from our own, sometimes to remote locations which carry higher risk to personal safety. The key to safe travel is knowledge and research of the destination, maintaining situational awareness and understanding the environment.”

SheTravel has created a women only network for modern business travel, allowing its members to share information, destination guides and key tips to aid safe travel wherever the destination. By not only giving tips and advice but also creating a platform for women to ask questions and find advice from the community this is creating an open and safe forum for women who travel.

However, safety whilst travelling is not just a key concern for women but relates to anyone who travels whether they are backpacking, staying in 5* property or a corporate traveller.

We also got the inside information from Global Secure Accreditation (GSA) a company which is spearheading a new revolution in security in the hospitality industry. Working alongside the security teams at key hotels around the world it has introduced the world’s first truly independent system of hotel security accreditation. It has been established and operated by highly experienced former senior UK police officers, counter terrorism specialists, UK military and international security experts.

We asked David Wood, Managing Director of GSA to share his quick and simple top 10 tips on security when travelling, whether you are male or female, here is ten step accessible guide to keeping safety a priority when travelling, wherever your destination.

You might just find yourself adding something surprisingly simple into your hand luggage for your next trip!

• Dress modestly and appropriately to blend in, this doesn’t have to be excessive but just be aware of the cultural nuances of your destination

• Carry rubber doorstops to put under hotel room door and any adjoining door to prevent access from the outside if you feel you need an extra level of security

• Place chain on room door at all times

• Copy passport and keep paper and electronic copies with you or in a suitably safe location

• Do your homework, understand the culture, dress code and rules for the country you are visiting and be aware that these may differ for males and females

• If possible, request a room above ground floor, near the lift but away from stairwell/emergency exit

• Use an app-based taxi service which tracks journey, predicts price and takes money direct rather than cash. This then makes your location known and avoids the possibility of detours in a location you may be unfamiliar with

• Ensure others know your travel plans and are aware of your location

• Always buy your own food and drinks

• Be discrete about where you are staying and discussing your room number in a public forum

For further information visit gsaccreditation.com or shetravel.co.uk

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