Thailand as a top destination with its people whose characteristics are calm and kind have always been welcomed tourists from around the world to see their beautiful sightseeing places. However, just like other different places in the world, there are rules or expectations from locals that all visitors will pay enough interest and respect the way people live.

1. Don’t use your feet to point or touch things or people. It’s considered as the lowest part of the human body and full of dirty things. It’s even more serious incident when you use your feet to point at Buddha images. Also, when you are sitting at a table or chair, you shouldn’t put your feet on it.

2. Don’t touch other people’s heads because it’s considered as the sacred part of the body, especially those who are older than you. Thais seem to obey seniority a lot as it appears in both workplaces and family institutions.

3. Don’t step over other people. Since Thais consider feet as the lowest part and think that it’s a rude behaviour by not paying respect to the one you step over. In case you really have to step over someone, please say sorry and tell that person that you have to go in that way.

4. Don’t step over a book. Thais believe that books are a source of knowledge that people need to pay respect to.

5. Don’t wear shoes in Thai people’s houses. This culture is similar to the Japanese one that all guesses and house owners have to take off their shoes at the front door.

6. Don’t wear something to exposing to temples or palaces in Thailand. You might have to pay for extra bucks for scarfs and sarong. When visiting Buddhist sanctuaries, dress graciously. Guests are permitted to wear shoes when strolling around the ubosot/sanctuary, however, the shoes must be evacuated on entering the ubosot/sanctuary, and at places where there are signs determining the expulsion of shoes.

7. Don’t physically touch a monk if you are a woman and monk can’t touch a woman as well. It also applies to the case that giving or receiving something from monks directly is prohibited. A woman will have to give or receive something from a monk through a man only.

8. Don’t show too much physical affection in public.

9. Don’t criticise the Thai monarchy because it can cause conflict with those who love the monarchy and it’s illegal.

10. Don’t make a loud noise while visiting temples and palaces.

11. Don’t climb, sit or leaning against Buddha image regardless the image is in a good condition or not.

12. Don’t climb, sit or leaning against historical site regardless the site is in a good condition or not.

13. Don’t wear black cloth to a wedding, visiting a patient, birthday party or other auspicious ceremonies because black colour is believed to have the meaning of mourning.

14. Don’t touch someone of the opposite sex.

15. Don’t do sex talk in public.

16. Don’t greet Thais who you meet for the first time with kiss and hug. Shaking hands is possible.

17. Don’t step on money including coins and banknotes since there are Thai kings on them.

18. Don’t be panic if you see locals smiling at you. It’s very normal in Thailand that sometimes people smile at each other to greet or to say thank you with a nod.

19. Don’t wear revealing cloth or inappropriate to official places. Please also don’t wearing sandals there if you have better options. You are not required to wear a suit but not too casual. For example, a man in shorts and a tank top with sandals is dressing inappropriately to visit official places but if he is a tourist and has to visit those places indeed, it should be alright.

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