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Travel Guide: 7 Things One Must Not Forget to Pack

Travel Guide: 7 Things One Must Not Forget to Pack

Road trips are usually fun when you have everything in check. These are usually the best times to bond as a family or group of friends.


Road trips are usually fun when you have everything in check. These are usually the best times to bond as a family or group of friends. Carefully planning your road trip is not complete without double-checking that you have packed everything you need. Some of these things could be as minor as tissue or wipes but definitely come in handy when on the road. Before pulling out of that driveway, here are some of the things that may be essential for your trip that you need to include in your packing.

First-aid kit

Being on the road comes with many uncertainties, which may lead to both major and minor accidents. Always check if your first aid kit is fully stocked, as this may come in handy in case of minor bruises and injuries. Keep the kit in a place that is easily accessible to every passenger at a moment’s notice. Prescription medicines could be included within the kit, as well as pain relievers and allergy medicine. These may come in handy at one point during the trip.

Car insurance

As you are packing, always remember to check the status of your car insurance. You never know when you may need to utilize your insurance policy. Carry with you a car insurance quote that displays the current status of your policy. You may need to keep it in an accessible place like the glove compartment.

Travel itinerary

When travelling, you definitely have everything planned out, the necessary documents, including maps. The itinerary helps you to keep track of your road trip activities. Do not forget to pack your list of activities since this basically depicts what the trip is about and what you’re going to do. Road trips are a chance to detach from our daily routine, so within the itinerary, do not forget to include games to entertain your companions without relying on your electronic devices.


In the packing rush, we tend to forget some of the small things like tissue, wipes, and diapers for those travelling with kids. Wet wipes and sanitisers can come in handy after eating snacks to clean up or sanitize after visiting roadside restrooms. We need not talk about toilet paper as its use is well known. Always remember to pack enough environmentally friendly toilet paper to last the trip.


In today’s digital world, it may be necessary to allow a few electronic devices like cell phones and cameras. The camera is good to capture some of the great moments during the trip. You may run into some kind of problem during your trip, and you may need to call for help. Hence do not forget to carry your cell phones.

One of the things people forget to carry is their phone accessories like chargers and cords. Always double check to ensure you have packed all the necessary chargers and cords. You may be on the road for a long depending on your trip and may need to recharge your devices.


You never know when the trip may last. Hence you may need to pack a few clothing items just in case. Keeping a change of clothes for unforeseen circumstances like vomit and spills is better than going through your luggage to look for a replacement. When inside the car, most people tend to kick off their shoes from discomfort. It would be more comfortable to carry flip fops that are easier to wear and more comfortable.

Remember to carry either towels or paper towels that can be used to clean up real quick when you make a stopover during the trip. You can never go wrong with a blanket, especially if your drive extends late into the night or you depart very early. Blankets will help provide warmth and be used for impromptu picnics at the side of the road.

Water and snacks

Having water is very important during a trip. Aside from quenching your thirst, it may come in handy when dealing with an overheated engine. Always remember to keep bottles of water in the car, and you can tie a jerry can full to your car just in case of a heated engine due to the long drive. The water bottles can also come in handy for boy bathroom issues when on the road.

Food and snacks are a must during the trip. You never know when you could get hungry, especially for those travelling with kids. During the trip, you may find yourself on long road trips with no stopovers for quite a distance, and the food you carried on the side could help solve your hunger issues. It is more efficient to carry a small cooler to keep your snack and keep them at arm’s reach, maybe in the back seat.

Road trips are very fun experiences, but before embarking on the journey, you should arm yourself with enough patience to withstand the road’s strenuous nature.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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