Cruise ships just get better and better, and for some, being on the boat is the best part of a cruise holiday. With fantastic facilities on board, passengers can relax after a day of sightseeing and be taken care of in a luxurious setting. This is making them more adventurous in terms of cruise destinations – let’s not overlook the impact that visiting a new country can have.

Sea, sun and sand have long been a staple of cruising holidays, but retailers such as now offer trips to a host of amazing destinations for 2019. Here are some of the highlights:


A country steeped in mystery and history, Jordan is becoming a bucket-list destination for many cruisers, especially those who want to fully immerse themselves in a different culture.

Cruises dock at Aqaba, offering quick-and-easy access to a host of archaeologically significant sights, as well as a museum, fort and always-fragrant market. For those who like to stay active, the snorkelling and diving opportunities here are spectacular, but a few hours of floating in the Dead Sea is just as fun. A truly unique combination of desert landscapes, bustling cities, ancient history and modern luxury make Jordan a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination.

St Petersburg

Perhaps not the first destination people think of when planning their ultimate cruise, St Petersburg is something of an untapped gem found in the Baltic region.

Cosmopolitan and surprising, with some of the world’s most ornate architecture, the city takes you from one amazing building to another with an underlying sense of spirituality. There’s also a heady cultural scene, with world-famous ballet regularly performed and the Hermitage museum showcasing millions of works of art. You may not get to lounge on a beach here, but adding a few extra layers will definitely be worth it.


If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a multicultural country that seems to have been left untouched by globalisation, Cuba is the cruise destination for you. Thanks to a vivid atmosphere, natural delectation for excitement and some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, it’s a country that satiates the desires of travellers.

Alongside colourful Havana, a capital city with a fresh and fun carefree spirit, there are numerous enticing beaches, as well as nature reserves and hikes to explore. From Mojito cocktails in the city to quiet lakes surrounded by trees, every experience you could ever dream of can be enjoyed here.


Imagine being able to visit a destination that encompasses multiple influences, a huge variety of cuisines and multiple landscapes to enjoy. Well, Malaysia boasts all of these and more thanks to being one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world.

Asia has long been a cruise destination for discerning travellers, but Malaysia specifically is now enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to the sheer volume of things to see and do. With influences pouring in from China, Europe and India, food-and-drink options are just as diverse as the landscape itself, which lets you choose between ultra-modern cityscapes such as Kuala Lumpur and rural utopias.


More and more people are waking up to the potential of holiday destinations that focus less on sweltering temperatures and sandy beaches and more on unique experiences. Iceland is fast becoming a country that many cruisers are keen to see and not just because they want to test their mettle and try some of the more unusual local foods.

Reykjavik is a terrifically cosmopolitan city, filled with art galleries, boutique shops and incredible eateries, but it’s also the thermal baths and opportunity to see the Northern Lights that keep people coming back for more.


Hardly a new addition to holidaymakers’ lists, Egypt is an incredible destination that was not frequently reached by cruise ship – until now. The possibility has been in place for a while, but keen cruisers are now alert to what the voyage can offer them in terms of spectacular sightseeing.

Before reaching the famous home of the pyramids and deserts that are ideal for dune-buggy excursions, passengers can enjoy sailing leisurely through the Red Sea, Suez Canal and even along the Nile. Given the balmy temperatures in this part of the world, it’s a perfect choice for some winter sun, and you haven’t lived until you sample the food, much of which is suitable for vegetarians.

While warm and sunny destinations have been popular with cruisers for many years, it’s the time for cultural hotspots to rise up and enjoy a turn in the limelight. There’s never been a better time either, as cruise ships are so well equipped these days that even if a destination is lacking a certain something, you’ll be sure to find it on board.


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