For those looking for quality mozzarella cheese and with a brand of tradition, a worldwide presence, present in hotels, restaurants, and the kitchens of the main chefs, you need to taste the cheeses of the Longino & Cardenal brand.

With thousands of gastronomic products, the brand is synonymous with products of the highest level, sophisticated and used in various luxury occasions and by consumers who have the keenest palates.

Try Michelin-starred chef-approved Mozzarella cheese

The Longino & Cardenal brand has products that are distributed worldwide. Its brand has a physical presence in New York, Italy and Dubai. Its entire distribution is all over the world for what has a very demanding gastronomic culture.

All preparation is done to the highest quality standards. The cheeses are made for those who want to taste like royalty, luxury customers and big celebrities.

Concern about the quality of products that foods that perishable foods are transported by plane. Those with a longer-term are transported by boat.

This means that by choosing the most different types of mozzarella cheese you will have a fantastic time on any occasion.

You can combine it with other various products that the brand manufactures, such as meats, pasta, olive oil and other diverse products.

How to purchase Longino & Cardenal products?

It is very easy to purchase Longino & Cardenal products at the Longino store. There, you will find the best products, with important details, great variation and only the best products available to everyone.

For those who want to make a big event, there are quantities of cheeses in larger measures. For those who want to taste and be enchanted by the taste of products that are cared for by specialists with certifications and years of experience, it is also possible with just a few clicks.

Millions of sales are made a year by putting all the products together. That’s because the products are of unparalleled quality.

A very consumed product is the Buffalo Braid. Produced by Barlotti Dairy, with over 120 years of experience, located in the Sele de Paestum Plain. Located on fertile land, it is a perfect habitat for buffalo herding.

Thus producing milk with a high amount of nutrients, producing mozzarella and other types of cheeses, all rigorously made with buffalo milk from Campania.

You can trust a brand that has more than 4,000 customers worldwide, the vast majority being luxury hotels and restaurants, with customers who know the products in detail and are used by Michelin-starred chefs. Try it and enjoy it with Longino & Cardinal’s quality and flavor innovation.


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