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  • Villa La Massa: Finding Tranquility in the Italian Countryside
Villa La Massa: Finding Tranquility in the Italian Countryside

Villa La Massa: Finding Tranquility in the Italian Countryside

October 10th, 2022

Villa La Massa...

Nestled in the Italian countryside just 15 minutes outside of Florence 's city center lies Villa La Massa; built in the 13th century, this once private country house has since evolved into a luxury hotel.

Sitting on the banks of the picturesque Arno River, this stunning hotel has undergone a complete renovation, encapulating pure luxury, whilst still presenting it's grandour and history. Set in a 25-acre park and surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, Villa La Massa is the perfect secluded spot to embrace peace and serentity away from the city center of Florence.

Arrival and check in:

I spent two wonderful days at Villa La Massa with my lovely Mum, we checked into one of the hotels 51 rooms and were greeted with a welcome card, fresh fruit and sparkling water - it was a lovely warm welcome!

We soon settled into our beautiful room, after spending several nights in the center of Florence; we were excited to unwind and absorb some peace in the tranquil surroundings of Villa La Massa.

Dining at Villa La Massa:

All of your dining needs will be met at the hotels on site restaurants so you won't even need to think about leaving the properties secluded oasis.

From poolside lunching and casual dining at L’Oliveto, to breakfast served either in the rooms or at the hotels restaurant “Il Verrocchio”, you'll find every need catered for.

Enjoy an early evening Aperitif at the hotels Medicean Bar, then follow up with a meal at Villa La Massa's refined restuarant, Il Verrocchio; with it's romantic terrace overlooking the Arno River.

We enjoyed our first meal at Il Verrocchio, home made pasta with fresh ingredients from the garden followed by a lamb and fish dish. The food was diving and the wine pairing was sublime. On our second day we enjoyed a poolside lunch at the hotels more informal restaurant; L’Oliveto for some more delicious food (and pasta!).

The Hotel:

Soak up the views of the Tuscan countryside whilst lounging by the pool, enjoy yoga lessons, the hotels Arno spa and on site gym - whether you're looking to workout, relax or unwind - there is something for everyone at Villa La Massa.

Explore the hotels 25-acre plot and emmerse yourself in the gardens, play a game of tennis or take a bike and enjoy one of the cycling paths. Villa La Massa is the perfect spot to recharge.

Soak up some Italian sunshine and find a spot overlooking the Arno River for an aperitif!

Book your stay at Villa La Massa here.

Hayley Rubery

Hayley Rubery

Hayley Rubery is our Interiors Editor who loves to marry her love of interiors with her passion for travel. Whether you want to recreate a luxury hotel vibe in your home or you have a passion for solo female travel, then Hayley is the girl for the job.