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Wake up Here: The Bird Bath

Staycations are the hot topic right now but finding a hotel in the UK that can transport you to another country, that’s tricky.  Cue the reopening of The Bird, Bath.

The Bird Bath is a serene oasis in the midst of bustling city life, where birds congregate and splash joyfully in its cool waters. This tranquil sanctuary offers a moment of respite, inviting both avian visitors and urban dwellers alike to pause and appreciate nature’s beauty. Staycations are the hot topic right now but finding a hotel in the UK that can transport you to another country, that’s tricky.

Cue the reopening of The Bird, Bath. A quirky hotel that boasts an exciting new outdoor terrace which, a few cocktails in, you won’t be red-faced if you mistake it for a night in Ibiza.

We had the pleasure of staying there when the world seemed a little bit more normal and the one night just wasn’t enough. This hotel proudly talks about being a little bit ‘out there’ and that’s the kind of no f*cks given attitude that we’re all about here at House of Coco. This hotel is like your crazy best friend who isn’t afraid to chat up that guy at the bar and is confident enough to wear that sequin dress that hardly covers her thighs. She’s sassy, bold and memorable. She is The Bird Hotel personified.

The Bird Bath

This hotel is perfect for friends, couples, and basically anyone who’s up for a hotel experience that has fun at its core. Think more of Carrie Bradshaw than Samantha though, it’s sophisticated and chic and has a flourish of creative genius throughout. If food is at the heart of your booking decisions then you won’t be disappointed. Honest, seasonal, fresh and local are just a few words to describe the ethos at their restaurant, Plate. The dining experience alone is enough to return to this hotel time and time again, especially with their ever-changing menu.

Once you’re ready to retire to your room, this is when the magic happens. The rooms range from compact and comfy right up to the rather fabulous hot tub room. Be warned though, some of the doors to the bathrooms are glass so you might have to lean into your voyeuristic tendencies here but, either way, you won’t be ready to check out when the time comes.

With a hotel lobby that’s an Instagrammers dream and the option to take you four-legged best friend, there’s a chance you’ll see us back soon with our Team Coco Pup, armed and dangerous with our party pants ready to make our way through the cocktail menu. Ibiza, you can wait.