With Brits having spent much of 2020 in lockdown, real life discovery and exploration for many will have seemed like a thing of the past with overseas travel plans having taken a back seat for much of this year.

However, while we may not be packing our bags and hitting the road this month, there is still plenty of opportunity to get lost in the beautiful, exotic backdrops of popular series on Netflix – that are helping to inspire our next travel adventures.

To help to find new ways to scratch that wanderlust itch, we’ve teamed up with youth travel provider, Topdeck Travel to discover how you can experience many of the popular Netflix shows for yourself when overseas travel opens up again next year.

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset is the glamourous real estate reality that has taken Netflix’s audience by storm during months of lockdown. The reality TV show follows the highs and lows of life at the real estate agency, The Oppenheim Group as its team work to sell multi-million-dollar properties located in high end zip-codes. The uber-glitzy lifestyle of the show’s main characters and ‘realtors’ isn’t the only thing making viewers green with envy as they watch as scenes switch from sun-drenched LA boulevards to the serene views of the Hollywood hills. The Netflix hit takes its name from the infamous ‘Sunset Strip’, the 22-mile long road that stretches from West Hollywood through to the beaches of Malibu and provides any visitor with a glimpse into the lux lifestyle of the local residents.

Fancy experiencing sunset on LA’s boulevards? Get the Netflix experience with Topdeck’s California Calling tour – hitting the road from April 2021.

Travellers will be spoilt for choice with so many amazing sights and activities to try in the City of Angels. With a driving tour of Los Angeles, those heading on the trip will get to see the sights depicted in the Netflix show, including Beverly Hills’ Sunset Boulevard, the Luxurious Rodeo Drive, as well as being taken along the iconic Hollywood Hills. The trip will include entry to the Grand Canyon National Park, as well as a trip to Las Vegas – in a party bus!

Below Deck

Offering some much-needed escapism and travel fantasy, Below Deck follows the guests and crew of a super-yacht as it leisurely sails from one beautiful corner of the world to the next. Viewers of this Netflix addiction are transported to crystal clear oceans and breath taking, island beaches – it’s hard to comprehend how the drama that plays out between crew members is possible in such awe-inspiring settings. Whether its deep diving for lobster lunches in the Caribbean Sea or mooring for sunset cocktails in a picturesque harbour, each episode provides audiences with more than enough inspiration to pack a bag and set sail for adventures at sea.

Put the wind in your sails and breath in the sea with a sailing tour like no other with Topdeck on the Summer Fun and Sailing tour – Setting sail from May 2021

Travellers heading on this trip will experience a sun-soaked excursion like no other. The trip includes a visit to 13 countries with 3-nights spent on a boat sailing in Greece. Just like those depicted in Below Deck, those attending the trip will get to experience the high life with walking tours of Rome, Monaco, Venice and Munich – all in a single trip!

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is the story of a 22-year-old Social Media guru, who relocates to Europe to help bring an outdated marketing agency into the 21st century. This millennial take on ‘Sex on the City’ is set against a backdrop of charming, cobbled Parisian streets and boutique lined boulevards and oozes French culture from the opening episode. As the series continues, many of Paris’ iconic landmarks are bought into shot; from croissants by the River Seine to star-lit strolls in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower. The dreamy series has divided audiences since being added to Netflix, but one thing is for sure – this series is European city break wanderlust at its finest.

Get ready to explore the French capital like a local with the Essential Europe tour from Topdeck – soaking in the sights from May 2021.

Travellers will get to experience the unmissable sights of Paris depicted in the popular Netflix show. Not only will they get to see the quaint cafes and patisseries that make up Paris, but they’ll also be able to visit the iconic Louvre museum, the Champs Elysees and the Montparnasse observation tower – where they’ll be able to view the streets from above and see why they call the stunning destination ‘The City of Lights’!

Street Food ASIA

From the creators of ‘Chef’s Table’, this Netflix original documentary series embarks on a global journey, taking viewers around the streets of some of the world’s most vibrant cities, exploring the rich culture of street food. In one of the thirty-minute episodes, viewers will find themselves immersed in the characterful and colourful streets of Delhi in India to hear all about its signature street flavours that are deeply connected to the families and locals that live there. With a focus on the culinary scene within the city, the show explores India’s magnificent cocktail of flavours, as well as showcasing a spectacle of colourful textiles and spices that can be found in its many street markets. Anyone eager to break out of their lockdown routine and experience a fresh, exciting culture will be sure to be inspired by this look into local life and tantalising street food.

Delve into Delhi’s incredible culture on the Topdeck Namaste India tour – Exploring the awe-inspiring from April 2021.

On the trip, travellers will be given the opportunity to not just see this incredible city, but to really experience it. As India’s capital can be quite overwhelming, Topdeck’s experienced tour leaders will help guide travellers through the city to taste some of the city’s delectable culinary treats and weave through the craziness of cars, rickshaws, scooters, and people.

The trip will visit not only Delhi, but many of India’s amazing destinations and sights. Those attending the trip will be treated to watching the sunrise at the Taj Mahal, travel by local train from Jaipur to Jodhpur, head on a sunset cruise on Lake Pichola and visit the striking Ranakpur Temple.

For more information on Topdeck and to book any of the trips listed above, visit: https://www.topdeck.travel

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