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What Is It Really Like To Live In A Thatched Cottage

What Is It Really Like To Live In A Thatched Cottage

Irish people are known to have lived in thatched cottages for many centuries as their traditional style of housing.

July 9th, 2019

Irish people are known to have lived in thatched cottages for many centuries as their traditional style of housing. In the Fingal area, you’ll find a significant number of thatched dwellings that are still inhabited up to date and in good repair. Thatched cottages are not only quaint but also beautiful.

Thatched cottages blend with the surrounding landscape to create a sense of harmony and belonging, which colored tiles and slates simply cannot offer. They are highly environmentally friendly, which is why they have become the best eco roof types available. So, what is it really like to live in a thatched cottage?

Most thatched properties tend to be built in admirable locations featuring extensive gardens and natural water supply. These properties are often located on secluded, slightly sloping land to give them good drainage and reduce the issues with damp. They not only look fantastic but also cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Living in a thatched cottage is undoubtedly exquisite. In the summer when the outside is blistering hot, the inside of the thatched cottage feels cool and remarkable. You will definitely fall in love with the idyllic Irish lifestyle cottages offer.

They are typically built using the thick straw or reed roofing to provide the excellent and natural soundproofing against overhead aircraft and road traffic. It is this type of roofing that also gives the home an exceptional insulation so that it will stay warm in winter and cool in summer, thus keeping fuel costs low. Such a property also features smaller windows which contribute to this insulating effect.

The roof highlights the weatherproof thatch that is rarely prone to leaking. Sometimes you might experience leaks when one of the wooden spars in the ridge becomes weak and break, or when the thatch opens slightly after a dry spell and then leak when the rains come. Nevertheless, the thatch is self-healing and will seal again when the weather changes. It is equally strong and can withstand the effects of gale force.

Experience Magical Thatched Cottages

Donegal Thatch Cottages offer time-honored Irish cottages for travelers who wish to rent them as their holiday homes. These special cottages are skillfully designed so they leave guests in the right mood to savor as they experience the simple pleasures in life. They are an excellent option for a family get-together, a memorable honeymoon, or a quiet out-of-season break.

These holiday homes are nestled on a Cruit Island setting where everyone can delight in the perfect beauty and peace of mind. Each cottage consists of porch with a sizeable living room, traditional half-door, fitted kitchen, old-fashioned high ceiling, bathroom, toilet, and so much more. You will be able to enjoy a creative mash-up of ancient charm and the convenience of modern living.

Final Thought:

Living in a thatched cottage is akin to living in a little piece of history. These charming and unique homes allow you to take pleasure in the simple pleasures in life – such as sharing stories around a blazing turf fire and strolling in the early morning on a deserted beach. In a nutshell; they are homey, comfy, and absolutely breathtaking.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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