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What You Need to Know About Faction Labs Disorder Pre-Workout Supplement

What You Need to Know About Faction Labs Disorder Pre-Workout Supplement

Faction Labs Disorder Pre-Workout is the ideal pre-gym formula for those who want to start their engines and get pumped up for each exercise

April 5th, 2023

Faction Labs Disorder Pre-Workout is the ideal pre-gym formula for those who want to start their engines and get pumped up for each exercise. This product genuinely checks all the boxes with its superb combination of nootropics, performance boosters, and stimulants.

In August 2019, Faction Labs launched their Disorder pre-workout. You might be thinking, "Great, another pre-workout like all the others," but you would be mistaken in that assumption. Faction Lab's Disorder was produced with scientific rigour and had a powerful effect.

Of course, a quick look at the energy-boosting components of Faction Labs Disorder Pre-Workout should provide all the assurance one requires that this supplement works. So, let's dig deeper into this product and what are the good results using disorder pre workout supplements.

What is Disorder Pre-Workout

Pre-workout supplement Faction Labs Disorder has a high energy level and is mainly designed to boost performance. This pre-workout vitamin provides pumps, energy, and concentration in a single, straightforward container.

It was created to improve a person's performance in the weight gym. The company never scrimps on quality, and the formula includes a variety of various ingredients that concentrate on some vital facets of our training.

Nitric oxide is used to enhance cerebral focus. Disorder contributes substantial energy to the event and increases the efficiency with which nutrients are transported.

What are the Ingredients of the Disorder Supplement

The main component of most pre-workout supplements is caffeine, which boosts energy levels to an extreme level while also improving concentration. The body can quickly and easily absorb caffeine, which acts quickly to get you set for your session. Since more does not always equal better, Faction Labs created this formula without adding excessive quantities of caffeine while still creating a fantastic product.

Acetylcholine is a substance released by the brain in response to alpha GPC. This substance aids in enhancing learning and cognitive abilities. Although the body already naturally produces acetylcholine, Alpha GPC can help it do so more quickly.

Citrulline malate is well known for assisting with heart and blood vessel health, increased blood flow, immune system support, and maintaining or increasing muscle mass. Although the body naturally produces this amino acid, a supplement can still improve intake. Low levels of citrulline malate in the body have also been related in some studies to depression. Therefore, the supply of this amino acid can be increased by consuming a supplement, which benefits mental health.

Another amino acid that the body naturally produces is beta-alanine. Athletes use it frequently because of its capability to improve exercise capacity and lessen muscle fatigue. According to studies, carnosine, an antioxidant and lactic acid buffer found in muscles, can be significantly increased by beta-alanine.

Like Citrulline Malate and Beta-Alanine, L-Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid that the body can produce to assist with focus. L-Tyrosine supplementation can benefit the body in a variety of ways. Dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline are three crucial chemicals the body produces due to L-tyrosine. Dopamine elevates mood, adrenaline gives you more energy, and norepinephrine sharpens focus and awareness.

Disorder by Faction Labs Different Flavours

Disorder Pre Workout is available in a variety of delectable flavours. You can choose from various flavours, from the tart but delicious raspberry to the incredibly sweet strawberries and cream.

  • Black Fire - Grape
  • Blue Pearl - Candy Bomb
  • Brown Sugar - Peach Ice Tea
  • Green Haze - Passionfruit
  • Orange Firm - Orange Mango
  • Pink Bits - Strawberries and Cream
  • Purple Reign - Watermelon
  • Red Russian - Raspberry
  • White Snow - Vanilla Cola
  • Yellow Fever - Pine Lime

The Right Dosage and Formula

While reading the ingredient list, the very high concentration of active ingredients immediately jumps out. There are 500 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous, 3200 milligrams of beta-alanine, and 6000 milligrams of citrulline malate. The business refers to this as being fully dosed, and it means that the active ingredients are present in an amount sufficient to be effective or produce the desired results rather than just the right quantity.

The component list is comprehensive because it includes many well-known and extensively researched elements. The ingredient inventory is thorough as a result of this. One complete scoop is the serving amount advised by the product's manufacturer. The label on the package contains this information.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that the nutritional data printed on the label is calculated from either one entire scoop (1) or two full scoops. Therefore, you must use two scoops of the product if you want the most potent dose available. This is due to the fifty milligrams found in one spoonful.

Additionally, you can purchase the jar with the standard 50 servings of 1 scoop or the thoroughly dosed 25 servings of 2 spoons. You can choose from either of these choices when you make your purchase. You have complete discretion in your decision.

Direction of Use

Before working out or participating in any activity that calls for focus and concentration, combine 1 scoop of Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout with 300ml of cold water for optimal results.

Depending on what suits you, you can change the water amount to fit your tastes. Use less water if you desire a sweeter-tasting beverage. You can add more liquid to the product to make it taste less intense without affecting its efficacy.

The Effect of Using Disorder by Faction Lab

  • Disorder Pre Workout contains 450 mg of caffeine per teaspoon. One serving should give you enough caffeine to boost your performance levels, as caffeine has been scientifically proven to improve exercise ability.
  • There are ten delectable flavours in all the Disorder Pre Workout selections. Whether you favour sweet, tangy, or refreshing flavours, you can find one to suit your tastes.
  • Nootropic supplements like Alpha GPC can aid in fostering better concentration. More products are available in our bigger containers. Our large 400g containers are 25% bigger than they used to be.
  • The stimulants in Pre Workout will give you a surge of energy when you need it the most.


Disorder Pre Workout is a supplement by Faction Labs that helps improve performance in the gym. Its benefits include improving exercise ability, energy levels, and focus—and it's available in several flavours to boot! Forget about spending all your time looking for an effective pre-workout formula. Faction Labs Disorder is the only one you'll ever need that will get you shredded in no time!

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