The initial few days in your home is critical and a special time for your new pet. He will be perplexed about where he is and not sure what to expect from you. Both you and your family can make the transition a lot smoother by having a clear structure on what you need to do.

First Day

  • Give your new doggie time to adjust and acclimate himself with your family and home before introducing him, other people. Teach your children how they should be approaching the latest addition to the family not to overwhelm him.
  • When collecting your dog from the shelter, inquire about when and what you should be feeding him. You’ll have to replicate the feeding schedule for a few days to circumvent gastric upset.
  • Upon driving home, have your new dog secured in a crate to make the trip less nerve-wracking as some dogs don’t like to take car trips.
  • Take him to his designated toileting area immediately and be patient. Hang around for a bit so that he can get accustomed to the area and relieve himself. Remember to reward him once he’s done his business. Be prepared for a few accidents here and there since he is still getting used to how things work around your home and getting into a routine.
  • Work out a schedule for feeding, playing or exercising and toileting and staying consistent is paramount. Since the first day, your dog will need solitary confinement as well as family time. You can also have a look at this post on adopting dogs to guide you.
  • During those first days, you need to be limiting too much excitement until your dog has settled in nicely. It’s easier to spend one-on-one time with him during the first few days to familiarize yourself with his behavior before introducing him to strangers or other animals.

The Following Weeks

  • In most cases, people only start seeing their dog’s personality after a few weeks since adoption. Dogs tend to be a bit uneasy at first until they get to know you. Practice understanding and be patient and stick to your routine so that he can learn what is expected from him and start bonding with you.
  • You may want to take your pup to group training classes at a dog park and pay attention to his body language to see if he is having a good time. You can pick up on behavioral signs that can give you insight into whether he is fearful or adjusting well with other dogs.
  • For you to have a harmonious and happy life with your dog, sticking to your schedule is vital and making sure he is getting the right attention, potty time and food he needs.
  • If you happen to encounter any behavioral issues that you are not familiar with, speak to your family veterinarian about trainer recommendation. Choose a trainer who utilizes positive-reinforcement techniques to help you and your pooch overcoming these obstacles. You can also do some research on reward-based training techniques.

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