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Why Do We Flirt by Text?

Texting is such a great way of keeping in touch with friends, family or work colleagues, because we can convey information immediately, using shorthand, slang or even emojis to get

Texting is such a great way of keeping in touch with friends, family or work colleagues, because we can convey information immediately, using shorthand, slang or even emojis to get a message across. We can even convey the mood we’re in (although this can be open to misinterpretation.)

People often feel more comfortable flirting via the medium of text, as opposed to a conversation, whether you’re contacting potential partners in chat rooms or forums, or simply sending one-on-one messages. Composing messages can give you the confidence to be bold or sophisticated with your banter. So what are the others reasons why we choose to flirt by text?


One of the most obvious reasons for flirting by text is the sheer convenience of this activity. When we are approaching someone we find attractive in a face-to-face situation, we can quickly become tongue-tied if they are not reciprocating interest. Texting allows you to take time before you compose your messages, allowing even the most hesitant individual to transform into a flirtatious wordsmith. What’s more, you can compose these messages at any time, whether you’re sitting on a bus watching the world go by, or relaxing on the couch at home. This ensures you are completely relaxed and devoid of any tension, which will guarantee your messages will be similarly upbeat.


The is definitely something exciting about being fully in control when you are composing texts. Approaching someone in a bar or club, you are always going to be concerned about what type of reaction you are going to receive when you try to flirt. But when you are alone with your screen, there is something invigorating about having the ability to channel all the emotions you are feeling into a few lines of text. You are in the driving seat when it comes to determining the level of flirtatiousness! For some, just a modicum of suggestive comments or double entendres is all that is required to have the desired impact. Others prefer the excitement of ensuring the person on the receiving end gets the full picture, with some flirting by text evolving into sexting. Sites like Chatki are perfect to indulge in some online fun.

To be sociable

One of the other main reasons we choose text flirting is because this form of communication has so much potential beyond a way of touching base with an individual. When we indulge in texting we are cementing our place in a community. With the advent of the likes of WhatsApp, we can get involved in group discussions. Texting allows us to become part of a communal experience so we can go beyond the one-on-one experience we have been used to. We can widen our ‘flirting radar,’ allowing us to adapt or modify how we behave according to the subject.


Another major influence on why people choose to flirt by text rather than in person is down to confidence. Many people will have tried to flirt, only for the object of their affection to give them the cold shoulder. Flirting is fine as long as it achieves a positive result, but as soon as anyone hits a brick wall, confidence will wilt, and it can take time to recover.

When it comes to flirting online, you have far more free reign to bring out your personality as you compose your messages, so your chances of receiving a positive reception are much greater. Flirting in this way will be a reciprocal activity, as the person on the receiving end gives as good as they get. This all helps to build the necessary rapport between two separate offline personalities, encouraging them to introduce themselves in the real world.