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  • Women Worldwide: Talking brand growth with beautypreneur Charlotte at Tatti Lashes
Women Worldwide: Talking brand growth with beautypreneur Charlotte at Tatti Lashes

Women Worldwide: Talking brand growth with beautypreneur Charlotte at Tatti Lashes

Here at House of Coco we particularly love when we meet entrepreneurs who have married their expertise in an industry and passions to create something that fills a gap in

March 9th, 2019

Here at House of Coco we particularly love when we meet entrepreneurs who have married their expertise in an industry and passions to create something that fills a gap in the market. Today we’re talking to Charlotte who co-founded Tatti Lashes with best friend Elliot. The brand has gone from running out of a small basement to taking part in the famous beauty event Beautycon in LA. Let’s find out Charlotte’s secrets…

House of Coco: Charlotte you’re the ultimate Girlboss, tell us the story behind the brand and how you got in to it…

Charlotte: It was just after I had my first son Teddie that my best friend Elliot and I came up with the idea of Tatti Lashes. We both owned our own salons but were working long demanding hours. I didn’t want to spend so much time away from my family and I wanted to work on something I was truly passionate about that was in my control. I was a lash technician doing semi-permanent eyelashes day in day out – I wanted to come up with a lash that cut out salon time but gave the same effect as Russian volume eyelashes.

We then started with our pre-fanned volume lashes – mimicking the technique of Russian volume Eyelashes. Lash technicians could just apply these lashes rather than creating fans themselves (which was very time consuming) appointment spaces then went from 2.5 hours to 1 hour. Benefiting not only lash technicians being cost effective, but clients as it made their treatment a lot quicker. From then, we started testing and researching strip designs and secured a manufacturer.

From there – Tatti Lashes was born!

HOC: What’s the most popular product that you sell?

Charlotte: Our best-selling lashes are TL3 & TL4 – both have been a success since they day they launched.

Since Kim Kardashian West wore TL19, we have been low on stock ever since – it just keeps selling out!

HOC: Can you tell us more about your journey before founding Tatti Lashes?

Charlotte: My business partner and best friend, Elliot and I have worked in the beauty industry our entire careers. From being a lash technician, I saw a gap in the market. We initially set out to rejuvenate the lash sector after years of extensive testing and research. Our aim was to create a product with an emphasis on quality, style and affordability for consumers and makeup artists that catered for everyone. Makeup artists were such an import focus for us and they have played a huge factor in our success as a brand. We were the first ever lash brand to offer 60% off to our loyal MUA’s and continue to do so.

HOC: What has been the biggest struggle since launching Tatti Lashes?

Charlotte: There’s been plenty but I would say the biggest struggle has been evolving and growing the brand in such a short space of time and keeping up with our order demands. We have been so lucky to have instant success – we never envisioned the brand would grow to the scale it’s at now.

In just two years, the brand has become international, we are retailed in 89 countries across the globe and are working on numerous collaborations and global events. We started out from a small basement and now have taken over two huge units with 30 x staff helping us bring the brand to life!

Elliot and I have an incredibly hands on approach and are involved in every area of the business. We have different opinions on lots of things but always manage to make the right one to benefit the brand. Our working relationship is very important to us as we respect each other so much. It’s a dream come true to work with your best friend. We pride ourselves on creativity – we try to break the beauty boundaries and stand out from our competitors.

I recently had my second son Toby who is only 4 months old. As the brand is growing and it’s so incredibly busy, I couldn’t take a proper maternity leave so I was back in the office from 6 weeks. This was a huge challenge for me as I had to manage so many important areas of my life to make it all work. The juggle is real with two little boys and a global lash empire to run! I am so lucky to have the support of Elliot who really held down the fort while I was off along with my husband and family who have supported me fully from day one.

Establishing a work life balance that worked for me, my business partner and my family is something I’m really proud of. I absolutely love my job and I’m so passionate about Tatti Lashes. I consider myself very blessed.

HOC: What has been your favourite collection to work on so far?

Charlotte: We have had great success through our collaboration with influencer MMMMitchell – we launched an exclusive luxury 4D lash that he designed last Summer and it sold out instantly and is still one of our most popular lashes to date. We have such a great relationship with him and every project we work on together is a joy. He is now our official brand ambassador so we have some really exciting projects coming up with him this year.

HOC: Who would be your dream celebrity to work with?

Charlotte: We are very lucky to have such amazing celebrities wearing our lashes. Our ultimate goal was to have Kim Kardashian West wear our lashes and she wore them twice in December. Ariana Grande also regularly wears the lashes and has worn them for some iconic moments in her career such as her two most recent music videos and her Grammy appearance.

It is our dream to sign a celebrity ambassador and this is something we are already talking about. Watch this space!

HOC: Can you tell us about a recent ‘Girl Boss’ moment?

Charlotte: Wow – there’s been so many. Having the Kardashian’s wear our lashes was a really proud moment for me.

HOC: What has been the hardest part of running your own online business?

Charlotte: Keeping up with the sale demands for sure!

HOC: What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

Charlotte: We have such an exciting year ahead – already we have accomplished so much and are in the midst of some very exciting conversations. I can’t reveal too much, but we have some VERY exciting shoots coming up, another collaboration lash launching this Summer, a masterclass with our ambassador; MMMMitchell, and we are partaking in Beautycon LA which we are all so excited about. America is an important territory to us – a quarter of our revenue comes from the States so California particularly will be seeing a lot more of us this year!

To find out more about Charlotte’s brand Tatti Lashes head over to TattiLashes.com

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