Today we’re sitting down with Georgie, founder of Gg Brows about her journey from jumping head first into the beauty industry to launching a unique procedure, a range of machines and an academy!

Truly a Boss Babe we can learn from. Are you ready?

HOC: Great to meet you, Georgie! Can you tell us about your journey to running your business?

Georgie: I honestly think I was born to be a beauty therapist, I showed an interest from such a young age. I’ve always been really creative and wanted to be the best at anything I ever did. I struggled with acne as a teenager and it really drove me to learn about skin and self educate on products and treatments which drove me to going to college to study beauty therapy.

I entered the industry head first and went straight into running my own business as a mobile beauty therapist. My fiancé and my grandad encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone and challenge myself which led me onto studying Semi Permanent Makeup. Since I trained two years I have created a unique eyebrow procedure called the ‘GgBrow’, launched an SMPU Training Academy, created a range of SPMU machines and have launched a Dermal Filler clinic and academy… I couldn’t be prouder and happier.

HOC: What a great journey! What is it about Semi Permanent Make Up that you love?

Georgie: I absolutely love the reaction from my clients when they look in the mirror for the first time with their new GgBrows. I get such a buzz out of seeing the transformation and always feel so proud. I get such a strong feeling of accomplishment and always look forward to meeting the next client to achieve even more incredible and beautiful results.

HOC: I have to be honest, I find the idea of Semi Permanent Make Up a little scary…

Georgie: I can understand that and, of course, I never put my clients under pressure to have the procedure done. I really assess as to why my client has booked their appointment to help me understand what I can do for them. I always draw my client’s brows on prior to starting the procedure so that they can see exactly what they are going to look like and show them their before and after pictures so that they can see the difference. I’ve honestly been touched by so many clients who have said that I’ve changed their lives and that they couldn’t imagine not having their brows! Eyebrows can dramatically change somebody’s face and I am so glad that I have helped so many women.

HOC: How do you run your business?

Georgie: I had an extension in my first home that I bought a year and half ago last summer in order to be able to work from home. In the space of six months, GgBrows grew massively and we made the decision to covert our first home into a funky commercial property; each bedroom is now a clinic room equipped for non-surgical procedures and our old lounge has been converted into a reception area for our clients!

After my wedding next May I will search for a larger commercial premises in order to expand. We have taken on six members of staff within six months so we are desperate for more space!

HOC: That’s incredible! We understand that you also teach others, can you tell us about that?

Georgie: Early last year I started to receive messages daily from girls who were desperate for me to reach them in Ombre Brows so that they could enter the industry. I started off by offering masterclasses which I absolutely loved and very quickly realised that I had a passion for teaching! I spent months studying to teach and writing up the course content for beginner students whilst having the courses accredited and verified. It was a massively stressful process but so incredibly worth it. I now teach weekly and qualify new practitioners in a daily basis in order for them to be able to start up their own businesses! I’m so proud to be able to do this and help others complete their dreams.

HOC: Can you tell us about your other companies? How do you manage running more than one?

Georgie: In 2018 I launched Cosmedic Supplies. Cosmedic Supplies was born when I made the decision to cut out all middle men and launch my own range of machines and needle cartridges to supply to my students. We immediately expanded and made the necessary arrangements in order to be able to sell our products to the public. It’s been a massive success so far and I cannot wait to see it grow! Earlier this year I launched GgCosmetics which focuses on non-surgical procedures such as Dermal Fillers. I employed a nurse who carries out all procedures whilst I manage the company from behind the scenes. I am truly shocked at the incredible response we have had; it has led us to a massive expansion and we have made the decision to move and invest in a new and bigger premises to be able to cater for the large volume of clientele that come through the door.

HOC: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Georgie: Everyday is different and every single client is different. I genuinely look forward to going to work and seeing what I’m going to achieve. Whether it’s a great set of eyebrows or it’s a substantial achievement within one of my other companies, it’s always an amazing feeling and fuels me to keep up the hard work!

HOC: Entrepreneurial souls are often burning the candles at both ends, as a beauty professional what tips do you have for our readers when they are feeling emotionally exhausted?

Georgie: Live a healthy lifestyle and cut out an negativity. Surround yourself with good people and keep up a regular hobby that’s nothing to do with work. Stay away from your phone past 9pm and try not to indulge in social media too much!

HOC: If you weren’t running GG Brows, what would you be doing?

Georgie: I would have definitely been be a nurse! I would have loved to have studied nursing and gone into theatres to assist surgeons. I love learning and looking after people so I think I would have had the best time!

HOC: What personal achievement of yours means the most to you and why?

Georgie: I’ve bought two properties with my fiancé.I wanted to have bought at least one house by the time I was 25 and two is something I am particularly proud of! Both have been massive projects but they have been really fun and also great distractions from work! Harry also proposed a year and a half ago and planning our wedding for 2020 has been so amazing…

HOC: Wow, so exciting to have been able to do that! What’s your ambition for the rest of 2019?

Georgie: I want to complete a new company set up. I started earlier this year and take on a new premises for my company GgCosmetics. It’s going to be tough I’m sure but I am so excited to decorate the new premises that I don’t even care how hard it might be!! I can’t wait to meet all of my new students and help them start their new careers in aesthetics

I want to concentrate on GgCosmetics for the rest of the year and take on a new premises which I’m sure will require renovating. It’s going to be tough I’m sure but I am so excited to decorate the new premises that I don’t even care how hard it might be!! I can’t wait to meet all of my new students and help them start their new careers in aesthetics.

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