Here at House of Coco, we’ve tried our fair share of skincare supplements and treatments to leave our skin glowing without the need of a Fenty Beauty kit, but there’s a new brand in town that’s set to make the process a whole lot sweeter. From developing a tasty skin supplement with scientists in Switzerland, to physically unloading pallets of the finished product down into her storeroom, Désirée has built her business with pure grit and determination. Our writer Jenna caught up with the Vegan Skincare entrepreneur to see how her company DLSK has flourished over the past few years…


JC: So firstly Désirée, why SkinWinnies? I see you had problem skin over the years, was this your main inspiration for finding an edible solution?

D: Exactly. I always had a very sensitive and dry skin and also tented to have a lot of breakouts. I did some research and found out that taking the right vitamins and supplements can solve some of the issues. But it was hard to find the right product that fit all my needs, plus I always forgot to take the vitamin pills, as they were not fun to take at all. I am always fascinated and driven by solutions that don`t compromise. So I started designing a beauty sweet that is so yummy, you won’t forget to take it. Proverbially said: I guess I wanted to have my cake and eat it too.

JC: So after reading your story, and getting to know more about Skinwinnies/DLSK. I’m still fascinated by your background. Can you tell us more about your history before the brand took off?

D: SkinWinnies just happened and started as personal use. Some years ago I`d never had the idea to found a company that produces and sells Beauty Gummies. I studied Business Communications in Switzerland and worked in Real Estate for several years but always loved working independently. 3 years ago, after I had the idea for the SkinWinnies and did A LOT of research, I contacted an amazing company in Switzerland that was specialised in food and dietary supplement production and started designing the product with them.

JC: Who introduced you/what drove you to the company in Switzerland?

D: After I found the production company in Switzerland by a lot of research online, we had several meetings before we started with the first production samples. The whole process took around 1.5 years and in the meanwhile I founded DLSK Beauty Ltd. in Lucerne, Switzerland, which is also my home country. Sometimes you just have to do a lot of research and invest a lot of time before you find the right person and right companies to collaborate with. But it’s worth the journey.

JC: Who would be your dream brand ambassador?

D: There are so many talented, strong, intelligent and beautiful people out there that it is hard to tell. We are obsessed though with the work of blogger and entrepreneur Shea Marie (@sheamarie) and also love the beauty and make up skills of James Charles (@jamescharles).

JC: Do you feel that now we’re in an ‘Instagram society’ there is more pressure on women to have clear skin? Or do you feel we are becoming more educated on how to look after the health of our skin?

D: I think both. I can’t deny that the pressure to always look on fleek increased tremendously since Instagram is everywhere. Yes, I am one of these girls, who also experienced a life without Instagram some years ago haha! People always compare themselves constantly, which makes it even more important to know your inner worth and to have a healthy self-esteem. As long as you have that I think Instagram can be a great source and inspiration. But independently of Social Media, clear and moisturised skin was always and will ever be the main goal as it just makes you feel free and good.

JC: Can you tell us about a recent ‘Girl Boss’ moment?

D: When the first production of the SkinWinnies arrived in our office I had to get them one level lower. Unfortunately the pallet roller did not fit the elevator. So there I was – with 5 pallets full of SkinWinnies and a carrier who had to leave for the next customer. I had no other solution than to get one SkinWinnies Box after the other down to our storeroom, which took me about 5 hours, a lot of sweat and probably around 3 kilograms! But hey – I managed it. I will never do the same mistake again and in the evening I had a glass of Rosé!

JC: Wow, that really is commitment! Apart from the physical excursion – what has been the hardest part of running your own e-commerce business?

D: The hardest part of running my own e-commerce business is the combination of extremely many tasks that I try to manage doing all by myself, because I think in the beginning of a start-up it is important to know your business very well.

Social Media takes a lot of time but I have a very strong connection to a lot of our customers as we communicating regularly over social media, which is very important to us. We really appreciate them so much and this makes every task worth the work.

JC: What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

D: At the moment we started designing a new product that will be complementary to the SkinWinnies and also supports your skin in a magical way. We are really excited about that. So stayed tuned.


To find out more about SkinWinnies or to order your first box, visit


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