One of the most widely utilized social networking sites, YouTube, is used by millions of people worldwide. Anyone can watch videos on YouTube concerning technology, fashion, lifestyle, music, humor, how-to articles, recipes, tips, and more. It is a free service and may be a fantastic place for teenagers to find items they like.

On the site, anyone may set up a channel to share videos of their talents with the world. However, creators can submit videos they have produced or are permitted to use. This implies they are not allowed to utilize content in their videos that is protected by copyright owned by a third party, such as music, excerpts from protected software, or other users’ videos.

Most content producers encounter copyright issues while using music in their videos. When you upload a video without the right to use the music, YouTube will mark it as potentially being removed or not monetizable. To avoid this issue, you can uselibrary music YouTube from your YouTube channel settings.

You can access thousands of music tracks from YouTube audio libraries that are copyright-free for your videos and movies. It’s your greatest choice if you’re a filmmaker. You don’t need the composer’s consent to use the music from the YouTube library, and no copyright claims will be against you.

How to access YouTube audio libraries?

The entire audio library is accessible through the YouTube channel settings. Follow the simple steps given below to access library music on YouTube.

  1. Visit the settings for your YouTube channel.
  2. Click on the tabs area on the settings’ left side.
  3. The audio library option can be found at the bottom of the options tab as you scroll down.
  4. A table chart listing the library’s songs is located beneath that.
  5. The track’s title, genre, artist, mood, duration, and the date added are just a few of the chart criteria. You can select the desired music from the heading. Furthermore, the filters will enable you to choose the desired tune easily.

You can adjust any setting in the YouTube audio libraries to acquire the outcomes you want. Below is a description of the available filters.


You can use this filter if you require comprehensive categorizations. The lively music you’ll discover here, such as dance & electronic, can be used for explainer videos.


You can locate background music under this filter if you need it for your YouTube videos. The music on hand will set the mood you choose.


Try this filter if you’re looking for music with a slick, contemporary, technical atmosphere.


You can get music for the duration of your video using this filter.


It offers music to musicians that demand credit.

Some of the music in the library is royalty-free, but some call for giving credit to the artist. In your video description, you must provide the artist’s credit. You can include the artist’s name in the closing credits if you’re developing a movie. Use the other music in the library to avoid this.


YouTube’s music library is one of the best options for selecting music for YouTube videos and films. You won’t encounter copyright difficulties while using music from the YouTube music library in your films. Many other websites and apps also offer free music for podcasts and movies, similar to the audio libraries on YouTube. The music from other websites must be credited to the composer in the movie description.


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