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10 Best Games To Stream On Twitch For New Streamers

10 Best Games To Stream On Twitch For New Streamers

Level up your Twitch debut with top 10 games! Engage viewers from day one. Perfect for new streamers.

August 17th, 2023

When you begin your Twitch channel, picking a suitable game to stream is crucial for success. In this post, we will talk about the widely loved games that keep viewers engaged on Twitch.

Whether you're a fan of exciting adventures or prefer thoughtful challenges, we suggest the top mobile games to stream on Twitch that promises plenty of fun. These games will entertain you and help you bring in a big audience.

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A Quick Look: Best Games To Stream On Twitch For New Streamers

Before we dive in further, here's a convenient table that organizes the games we'll cover in this article. It rates them according to how easily new streamers can get into them, offering you a brief preview of what to anticipate. Let's check it out:

1. Minecraft

Despite being over ten years old, Minecraft remains one of the most enduringly popular games you cant stream on Twitch. Even if you've never tried it, getting the hang of Minecraft is relatively straightforward and can help you attract viewers.

Given that Minecraft has many content creators, finding a way to distinguish yourself is essential. Whether taking on unique challenges in your Survival world or focusing on the quality of your constructions, think about elements that can create a sense of connection and engagement with your Minecraft gameplay.

2. Diablo IV

Newbie streamers should try Diablo IV for an exciting and engaging streaming experience. The game's dark fantasy world, dynamic gameplay, and cooperative elements provide ample entertainment opportunities. As a highly anticipated title, streaming Diablo IV allows new streamers to tap into its release's excitement, potentially attracting a broader audience eager to witness their reactions and strategies like Cleopatra slot.

Moreover, the game's action-packed battles and intricate storyline offer constant engagement, fostering viewer interaction and enhancing the streamer's presence on platforms like Twitch. Diablo IV offers a fresh and captivating gaming experience that can help new streamers establish their channels and connect with enthusiastic viewers.

3. Animal Crossing

If you're searching for an adorable simulation game, consider trying Animal Crossing. It's a perfect fit for newcomers to streaming, as there's a substantial fanbase eager to see various players' activities. With a simple and charming visual style, the game is user-friendly and doesn't demand specialized skills – it's all about enjoying and discovering at your own pace. With a large community following, Animal Crossing suits streamers with around 10-30 viewers during their broadcasts.

4. Fortnite

Fortnite stands as a multiplayer marvel that has shaken up the gaming sphere. Its allure is easily understood – the free battle royale mode is legendary. Picture a staggering 100 players parachuting into a vast arena, battling it out until a sole player or team remains victorious. It's uncomplicated yet enormously gratifying!

Yet, there's more. Fortnite has spurred countless emotes, dances, parodies, and fresh skins to be continually introduced. It's the ideal game for streaming alongside fellow creators, ensuring a delightful experience. In the last month alone, it amassed an impressive 49,796,543 hours of viewership and an average of 69,258 viewers. Brace yourself to dive into the mayhem!

5. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a dominant presence in the Twitch gaming landscape. Its enthralling gameplay and frequent updates that inject fresh heroes and captivating content into the battle royale genre have propelled it beyond major rivals like Fortnite and PUBG.

Boasting a lineup of 19 Legends, each offering a distinctive playstyle, it's no surprise that Apex Legends has garnered an immense following. What's even better? It's free to play, making it accessible to all. With a substantial 42,038,735 hours of viewership and an average of 58,468 viewers, Apex Legends is a prime choice for Twitch streamers.

6. League Of Legends

League of Legends, the MOBA defining this generation, is an incredibly beloved game that has sustained an engaged player community for over a decade. With an impressive 48.1 billion cumulative views on Twitch, it is the platform's indisputable favorite, making it an excellent option for building an audience through streaming.

In the game, you'll select from a pool of over 100 champions, each possessing distinct abilities, designs, and playstyles. While the League community is known for its occasional toxicity, the game's immense popularity makes it a profitable selection for any aspiring Twitch streamer.

7. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains a widely played multiplayer FPS, making it an excellent option for Twitch streaming. Emphasizing skill and competitiveness, it demands top-notch performance from players.

Prepare for a challenging experience, especially if you're new. Expect a learning curve and initial setbacks. However, with time, you'll adapt and, based on your proficiency, can achieve success in ranked matches and learn how to stream on Twitch privately.

8. Valorant

Valorant, the tactical hero shooter from Riot Games, takes a prime spot in the top ten. Being a free-to-play game, it falls among the most-watched streamed titles, making it challenging to stand out. Nevertheless, the leading streamer for the game, 'summit1g,' has accumulated an impressive 5 million viewer hours over the past month.

9. Call Of Duty: Warzone

Due to its intense and frantic gameplay and its well-known game among gamers, Call of Duty: Warzone has emerged as one of the greatest games to stream on Twitch. The battle royale mode of the game, which allows up to 150 people to compete against one another, provides engaging gameplay since it is unpredictable and exciting. The game's regular upgrades and the addition of fresh material also keep the streaming experience exciting and fun.

10. World Of Warcraft

Even as World of Warcraft approaches its 20th year, it keeps growing and becoming a cult classic. The game's revival, at number six on the list, perhaps had something to do with the 2022 release of its ninth expansion pack, Dragonflight.

Shroud, the top streamer of the multiplayer online role-playing game, has amassed over 1,700,000 viewing hours just in the past 30 days.


Hopefully, after reading our article, you won't wonder, “Can you stream emulated games on Twitch” or “Can you stream anime on Twitch.” It's effortless and straightforward.

As an aspiring streamer, selecting the ideal games to broadcast revolves around discovering ones that align with your style. To establish your presence, it's vital to pinpoint the suitable game.

Avoid picking games solely due to their popularity; focus on carving out your unique space. Showcasing the games you're genuinely passionate about will pave the way for streaming triumph. Enjoy the process, stay positive, and continue sharing your content.

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