10 Easy Cold Weather Packing Hacks

Packing for a trip in a destination subject to chilly weather can be challenging, whether you’re going to enjoy snowy world-class slopes for skiing or perhaps find a vacation property among the Whistler homes for sale. Travel Agent Central reports that a study by Jetcost revealed nearly one-quarter of Americans actually prefer going on vacation in the winter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got cold weather packing down to an art.

How do you squeeze in all that bulky clothing and winter boots? These hacks are guaranteed to make that packing job a whole lot easier.

Layers are Key

Instead of one huge coat to keep you warm, bring layers that you can wear together in multiple ways when it’s cold out. Make sure they can be mixed, matched and also worn on their own, individually, for varying temperatures and conditions. If you bring one heavy jacket, you’ll only be able to use it during chilly weather, rendering it useless in other conditions. By choosing your layers right, you’ll have more outfit options, less bulk and will be just as warm.

Seal Your Layers With a Thinner Jacket

You’ll probably need a jacket, but make it a thinner one like a zip-up fleece or insulated jacket. You can place your other layers inside of it, sealing it all up together to make it fit easier. 

Carry a Coat

If you’re heading somewhere subject to especially cold conditions, carry your coat on board instead of in your suitcase. When the a/c is cranked up in the cabin of the plane, it can double as a blanket too.


You have a couple of options when it comes to footwear. Boots will keep your feet warm, especially when wearing wool socks, but you’ll probably need to wear them on the plane to avoid taking up so much room in your luggage. If that sounds too uncomfortable, pack them to the brim with other items to save that precious space.

Bring Thermals 

Thermals allow you to wear lighter tops and pants without freezing. They can also easily be squeezed into boots or other shoes.

Stick to Neutral, Dark Colors

If you stick to neutral, dark colors it will be much easier to create a wide range of stylish outfits with fewer items of clothing. 

Think Cashmere

Cashmere may be more expensive than other fabrics, but it’s also lighter while allowing you to be warmer than you would in synthetics or cotton. 

Bring a Variety of Colorful Accessories

If you don’t relish wearing neutral, solid/dark colors, bring a variety of more colorful accessories, like scarves and hats which don’t take up a lot of room but provide a great way to switch up your look. 

Use Packing Cubes

Invest in inexpensive packing cubes that will compress your clothing into a flexible, cube-shaped pouch. It’s a great way to save space, condensing items as much as possible, meaning your luggage won’t be filled with air and wasted space. Use one for sweaters and tops, another for pants and bottoms, and a third for miscellaneous items, like those hats and scarves.

Get Travel-Sized Personal Products

Bulky personal products like lotion and shampoo will weigh you down and take up a ton of space. Instead, bring travel-size products and/or take advantage of the complimentary items in hotels. Even Airbnbs these days often come with a good selection of free toiletries. Yet another option is to purchase some personal items in local stores which can make for good souvenirs too.





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