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4 DIY Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort

4 DIY Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort

Now that there are restrictions on traveling in many places, people have to do a bit of sacrifice and delay vacations.

September 16th, 2020

Now that there are restrictions on traveling in many places, people have to do a bit of sacrifice and delay vacations. While waiting for the situation to go back to normal, you can remodel the house to change the ambiance. These DIY ideas will make your home feel like a resort.

4 DIY Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort

There is no need to spend a lot of money to achieve a resort feel at home, or should you, the remodeling will be worth it especially during this quarantine season.

1. A Gazebo

If there is enough space in the backyard, consider building a gazebo to create a resort feel. All you need is a few tools like a good, reliable table saw, Cordless drills, hammers, pliers, etc. You can even decorate it with beautiful flowering plants and some LED lights to make it stunning at night.

There should also be a spot for some morning coffee and newspaper or a couch for a good read. Another way to decorate is by installing a hammock. A barbecue grill or a fire pit nearby will also give you more options for fun activities at home.

2. Swimming Pool in Resort Theme

You do not need to install a huge pool for this to work. Small pools will still give you that resort feeling when it is creatively decorated.

Make a pool look like that in luxury hotels by decorating it with rocks and pebbles. Some decorative plants go well with the rocks and should make the look more inviting. Good lighting will also make the pool stand out at night.

You can check out pool designs online and make a smaller version at home. Add an umbrella and a daybed to have a spot for some refreshments after a dip.

To make your home feel like a resort, consider transforming your backyard with a resurface pool, creating a luxurious oasis for relaxation and enjoyment.

3. Backyard with Water Structures

Decorate your outdoor kitchen layout with a deck and outside kitchen and add water structures. You can go with one specific type or a combination of several types. You can also add tables and chairs to have a relaxing spot for morning coffee and toasted bread and fruit jam.

Fish Ponds

Fish ponds are a great addition to increase the beauty of the landscape. Build a pond and decorate it with stones and water plants. Then choose the fish variety to put in the pond. Some popular choices include:

  • Koi
  • Goldfish (Black Moors, Lion heads, Ranchu, etc.)
  • Fish in natural ponds (Sunfish, Crappie, Pickerel, etc.)

However, remember to do research on the fish that you are planning to put in the pond. Some varieties are aggressive and would attack other species in their space. Others, like the koi fish, destroy water plants and uproot them.

Water Gardens

If you think you could not commit to fish care since this requires more attention, then perhaps a water garden is the right alternative. Put in some flowering water lilies, foliage, and bog plants in the water garden and wait for them to beautify the landscape when they bloom.

If you want to add fish in the water garden, some good choices are Comets and Shubunkins.


Waterfalls may be added to your fish pond or water garden for a more dramatic effect. As waterfalls create gurgling water sounds that are very relaxing, they are good additions to mask off bustling sounds when you live near the street.

4. Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms in hotels are loaded with elegance and you can transform yours to one like that if you are willing to shed some efforts on the renovation. To achieve a bathroom like that in hotels or even better, you may install a jacuzzi or convert to a rainfall showerhead.

Decorate the area with lots of scented candles and aroma oils. Restock your toiletries and buy different variants of bubble baths and body washes. A chic towel rack should match the look of the newly renovated bathroom. Install a skylight if you want to take it further or change the lighting based on your chosen mood.


Staying at home does not mean missing out on all the fun. You can still enjoy an ambiance like that in resorts with some creativity and remodeling. Build a gazebo, renovate the bathroom, or install a pool or a pond – these are just some DIY ideas to make your home feel like a resort.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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