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5 Easy Household Chores Tips While Working From Home

5 Easy Tips To Help You Finish House Chores While Working From Home

Remote working or a hybrid work model is the new normal after the pandemic. Thus, more people are working from their homes instead of from the office nowadays. This shift has also led to a balancing act between work responsibilities and household chores for many individuals.

Though working from home is often thought of as a more beneficial option, it does not mean that it is easy to balance work and personal responsibility. With the work from home option, we spend more time at the house. We work, we sleep, and we do our daily activities there. Thus, it is so easy for your personal space to become not as clean or tidy as you want it to be. But unfortunately with daily online meetings and tasks to work on, you may not have sufficient time to clean your house. You may even be too tired to start cleaning.

To help maintain your house as clean as possible without having to worry about your work, we have curated the best tips that you can try. Read more below to know in detail about what you can do!

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Start by tidying up the bed in the morning

After waking up, the first thing that you should do is tidy up the bed that you have slept on all night. This is the first thing that you should do, to ensure that you start your day right and productively. By tackling one of your daily tasks, you can be more enthusiastic to finish the others.

If you don’t tidy your bed right away, and instead choose to do other things beforehand -you will become too lazy to clean it up. It ends up being a mess for a whole day and this is very bad for your productivity and mental state. You can become more stressed when trying to finish up your daily work activities upon looking up at your messy bed.

Create a to-do list

Every day, we do a variety of activities or tasks. From work-related tasks, house cleaning, and even something personal that we want to do for ourselves. To avoid forgetting about everything that we need to do, we can instead make a to-do list of what needs to be done. Thus everything is more structured, and you can complete every task in a more timely manner.

Making a to-do list for your house chores is also as important. This to-do list can be made for yourself or the whole family if you live with your family or partner. If you are not living alone, it is advisable to divide house chores between yourselves and your family members. For example, you can cook and your spouse is assigned to wash the cutlery.

Try making a to-do list of everything that needs to be done a day or a week prior. Afterwards, stick the to-do list outside of the fridge to make sure everyone knows what to do and when to do it. There will be no pointing fingers because the complete to-do list has been created.

Schedule the time for the cleaning session

To efficiently complete your work chores while working from home, you should schedule when you will do it. This should be done right away after you make the to-do list. You don’t have to complete every cleaning task in one go, you can divide it between days to ensure that you don’t get too overwhelmed when you need to do the cleaning session.

For example, you can schedule Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday as the days for sweeping and mopping. The weekend is for dusting the furniture, and every biweekly you should clean up the toilet.

Say no to procrastinating

Even though your work task is piling up, try not to put off any house chores. Because if you postpone it, you will usually become lazier to do it later. Wash dishes immediately after usage. Don’t let it pile up, because if you do this, you will end up needing to wash lots of dishes in one go. This is much more tiring and takes more of your time! It’s the same with washing clothes, sweeping the whole house, or other cleaning activities. In essence, you must immediately do what must be completed so it won’t accumulate later.

Hire a professional cleaner

Instead of doing the house chores by yourself, you can choose to hire part-time maids who can help you finish up all of your cleaning duties. You can find trusted and professional cleaning services easily. But do not forget to check out their reviews from past customers beforehand.

Hiring maids can help to make sure your house chores can be done easily and promptly, without you having to break a sweat. It can also be a gift for yourself once in a while when you know you are too tired and busy to do the cleaning session by yourself.

Here are various tips that you can do to complete your house cleaning duties even when you are busy with work! The most important thing is, to try to do everything as efficiently as possible and stay away from procrastinating!