A recreation room devoted to enjoying different games in your home requires creative thinking and a little planning. Whether you desire a fun spot for indulging in outdoor or indoor activities, Here are 6 must-have activities for an epic entertainment space in your home.

If you have your dream game room and don’t know what to do with it, our list will help you find some fun activities to enjoy.

Play Billiards and Darts

Billiards and darts are awesome social games you can play with your family and friends. However, they aren’t so fun for people that don’t know how to play the games. Luckily, you can learn to play these games and become a pro.

Below are some fun ways to play darts.

  • Scram Dirts: Scram is a game for two players. It begins with proposing a scorer and a stopper. Thereafter, numbers 1-20 are written on a scoreboard. The stopper plays hitting all the numbers once in any order, which are marked off the scoreboard. The scorer then tries to score the remaining numbers.
  • Killer Darts: The game begins with players taking shots using their non-throwing hands. The numbers they hit become their game numbers. To become a killer, you have to hit your double number. Once you become a killer, you can knock out of the game other players by hitting their double numbers.

Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Everyone likes looking for hidden items. Write down the things everyone in your home should find and distribute the list. The items can be outside in your backyard or inside your home. Remember to mention the time they have to find the items.

Try to be creative and place some of the items in the form of clues. This way, the participants will have to figure out what the items are. Once you have a winner, gift them with a small prize.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating allows you to incorporate fitness and fun into your games. Rivers and frozen ponds offer scenic ice skating rinks. If you can’t find rivers, explore indoor ice skating rinks. Glide along and score bonus points for participants who can ice skate backward.

Organize a Themed Movie Night

There are several interesting movies with sequels. So choose a genre your family is likely to enjoy. You can even plan an entire evening of watching back-to-back movies.

Also, ensure you have plenty of snacks like popcorns on hand and look for props that match the movie. You can even prepare a delicious salmon recipe or a dessert that goes with the movie theme.

Make a Puzzle

Puzzle-making is a relaxing way to bond with your family at home. Time can be spent looking for the right pieces to include in the puzzle. Since this isn’t a one-day game, designate a place in your house where the puzzle won’t be disturbed.

When you’re not solving it, you can look for mats that roll up your puzzle. You can also display the puzzle on a spare table you rarely use so that the puzzle is readily available to continue working on it.

Go Bowling

Bowling is an enjoyable activity for different ages. Lane bumpers can be placed on younger kids so that they aren’t discouraged with lots of gutter balls. If your family is a competitive one, split up into teams to have a full-blown game.

No matter the winner, there will be lots of giggles. Besides, your children can grow up to like the game and keep playing it or end up becoming professionals. Healthwise, bowling can help you relieve stress and lose weight.


The secret to making the above activities interesting is to have everyone involved. However, encourage everyone to interact with other participants so that no one feels undermined.


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