6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Top Branded Backpacking Gear

When it comes to buying a new backpack for traveling or hiking purposes, you may thing that so long as you buy a backpack that comes from a reputable manufacturer, there will be no issues to worry about regardless of anything else.

While it is true that investing in a backpack from a manufacturer known for quality is definitely preferable, such as a NorthFace backpack, the truth is there are many more considerations to take into account in order to truly get the best backpack for you.

Here are the top six qualities to consider before buying top branded backpacking gear:

1 –Brand

The first thing to consider is the brand itself. While again the manufacturer is not the only factor to take into consideration, there is a lot of truth to the statement that buying a product from a reputable brand mane you will be buying a quality product.

Brands such as Osprey, Sleepingo, Northface, and Marmontare only a few examples of reputable brands known for quality when it comes to backpack and outdoor gear in general.These brands have the reputation they have for a reason: they may quality products that people like and receive value from.

2 – Type

There are different types of backpacks designed for different purposes. A travel backpack is not the same type of backpack that you would use for hiking or backpacking in the woods, for example.

Hiking backpacks usually don’t come with the option of attaching a daypack to them. They also usually lack a zip away sections located in the front where the straps can be stowed away when sashing it away in the cargo space of a plane.

Know what your purpose for the backpack is, and then narrow down your selections from there.

3 – Size

Part of knowing what the purpose of the backpack is knowing how much gear and clothing you’ll be placing in it, so you know what size of a backpack you need. Chances are good that for traveling purposes, you’re not going to need a massive ninety liter backpack (which couldn’t even likely be stowed away in the overhead cargo space of a plane anyway).

A good rule of thumb to follow will be to get the smallest sized backpack that you can get away with. For traveling purposes, many people can easily get away with a fifty liter backpack. For backpacking out in the woods, when you need to carry additional gear such as a tent or tarp with food and water, you may actually need a larger sized ninety liter backpack.

4 – Organization

The layout of your backpack is crucial for both organization purposes and maximizing space. Let’s say that you have two fifty liter backpacks. If the first backpack only has one big compartment, and the second backpack has a large compartment and then multiple smaller ones, chances are good that you can stash more away into the second backpack.

5 – Comfort

The backpack that you get should have plenty of padding on the straps and on the back of the backpack that’s in direct contact with your body. The straps should also be fully adjustable. It will also be a good idea for the backpack to have a hip strap, so some of the weight can be taken off of your shoulders.

Trust us, when you’re walking around a city all day with a backpack filled with clothing, personal hygiene items, and other possessions, it starts to really wear down on you. Adjustable shoulder and hip straps and ergonomic padding will be much appreciated later on.

6 – Durability

The backpack you buy today should be the same backpack that you’re using several years from now. Make sure that the backpack is built out of quality materials like rip-stop nylon or polyester, and also confirm that it has double or triple stitching, There should also be both exterior and inner linings.

Also check the quality of the straps and the zippers. While you’re at it, when inspecting the pack you should move the zippers forwards and backwards multiple times to confirm that they are moving smoothly and without any impediments. The same goes for the clasps, adjustment straps, and the buckles. Use them multiple times to confirm they operate smoothly.


When looking for a new top branded backpack for hiking or traveling, you will want to keep the above factors and considerations in mind to get the right backpack for you.

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