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A delightfully strange evening with Stranger & Sons

On a balmy summer evening #TeamCoco made our way to TT Liquor for an evening filled with strange delights.

On a balmy summer evening #TeamCoco made our way to TT Liquor for an evening filled with strange delights. The invitation was decidedly vague — and so we did not know what to expect, but after enjoying a GNT(or two) — we entered the wonderfully weird world of Stranger & Sons.

Upstairs we were led through a series of immersive experiences that involved opening our third eyes, meeting a host of flamboyant characters, learning to play Carrom, and watching some monks dance, but before all of that — we learned the rich story of this truly unique gin and its special relationship with the mythology of India.

Stranger & Sons one of the first gins to be made in India since 1940. The gin is made by the family run Third Eye Distillery in the spice farm town of Ponda in South Goa. Its origins come from an Indian myth that told the story of a three-eyed two-tailed tiger in the Western Ghats, who discovered a secret gin recipe after finding juniper berries hidden in her sari. This surreal mythology is what informs Stranger & Sons – and that delightful ‘strangeness’ is what makes it truly unique. Today, it has launched to a select number of bars and retailers in the UK.

Family is key to the creation of this wonderful spirit, and that resonates throughout every aspect of the brand. ‘& Sons’ is a common suffix used in traditional family owned businesses in India , and so see it makes sense that it is used in the brand name. Stranger & Sons was created by Mumbai-based Sakshi Saigal alongside her husband Rahul Mehra, and cousin Vidur Gupta. The dynamic trio set out to uncover the highest quality botanicals and combine them with authentic Indian spices uses in their own household kitchens. The result? A light and refreshing gin that hits you straight away with its spiced overtone, mellowed out by a sweet aftertaste.

From the flavours to the branding, Stranger & Sons celebrates India’s rich cultural diversity and its tight-knit communities. Stranger & Sons supports the women in their local community by employing them to handle the local citrus fruits that perfume the gin. Surplus fruits are then created to create pickles and cordials, which gives an added element of sustainability to their operations.

Stranger & Sons gin is now available in select serves within a selection of London’s top bars and available to buy online through Masters of Malt.