The summer wedding scene might have been dramatically affected by COVID-19, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking about what to wear, should we be among the fortunate 30 to be invited to any event.

Having done our research, a look at Hobbs Clothing reviews suggest that it has perfect this season releases for intimate summer weddings, but there are plenty of options to choose from, catering to a wide variety of budgets and personal styles.

Here are some of our favourites:

For the boho guest

Boho style isn’t going anywhere, and with fewer music festivals to attend it means there are more tasselled, crocheted and flowy dresses and separates to choose from for other events.

If you are a fan of boho styling, it can be made wedding-appropriate with just a few easy adaptations:

  1. Someone else’s wedding is not the place for a flower crown – the bride herself might have opted for one! Instead, look for smaller hair accessories, perhaps shaped like flowers, leaves or feathers. Another option could be an embroidered Alice band, a hugely popular accessory for the summer season.
  2. Keep your outfit length long. Short boho dresses are fabulous for casual outdoor events but a wedding calls for something a little less showy. A midi, midaxi or maxi length would work well, especially if extra length has been added through a tassel trim.
  3. Add an extra floaty layer. A sheer kimono or pretty pashmina will finish your boho wedding guest look to perfection. Even summer evenings can get a little chilly, so it’s worth adding another layer.

Gorgeous classic tailoring

There was a time when tailored separates were considered to be the standard choice for mothers of brides and grooms, but today there are some well-considered pieces for all ages. Giving you a little structure and a significantly more formal look, tailored looks can be made summer wedding-ready through cheerful fabrics.

This season, we are seeing a lot of patterns trending, as well as pastel shades, both of which make for suitable options, but remember the following:

  1. If you choose to wear a suit, add a top you can wear by itself under your jacket. If you get warm, you’ll want to remove your top layer, so your look needs to be adaptable.
  2. A tailored shift dress is a classic wardrobe piece that you’ll be able to reach for again and again, so be sure to choose a pattern that will see you through different seasons and occasions.
  3. If you want a full-length outfit but are rarely a fan of tailored trousers, think about a suit with a maxi skirt. You get the cover you want in a more unusual style, but it still looks perfect for a summer wedding. You can wear it with a shell top or cami vest and even swap out a matching jacket for something more relaxed, such as a cardigan or a wrap.

Perfect for vintage lovers

If you are more retro in your everyday style, you can afford to go a little shorter with your look if you’d like to. Retro-style dresses work so well for your figure, nipping in at the waist then flaring out to give you a little extra va va voom. Better still, they are usually available in a range of fun prints, ranging from chic polka dots all the way through to fun fruits, so you can experiment with a bold design.

Things to remember if you are considering a retro dress:

  1. Steer clear of turning your summer wedding style into a novelty aesthetic. It’s easy to get carried away with coordinating shoes, fascinators and handbags, but less is more. Make your dress the main attraction and then accessorise simply and in an understated way.
  2. Ask ahead about colour schemes and dress codes. Good guest etiquette is essential and there will be nothing worse than wearing a red polka-dot dress to a pink-themed wedding – and the bride won’t thank you for clashing with everything in her photographs! A quick courtesy call will let you know what the overall scheme is and from there, you can choose something you’ll look great in, while also complementing the surroundings.
  3. Don’t be afraid to wear genuine vintage. If you stumble upon a genuine vintage dress while looking for something retro, don’t think that you can’t give it a new lease of life. A perfunctory dry clean and a little alteration or two, if it even needs them, will have you wearing something that nobody else will.

Pieces you can wear again

With all eyes on sustainable fashion practices, we want to encourage you to choose your summer wedding style with wearability in mind. We know that back in the day, so many of us would buy a special dress for a wedding then retire it to the back of the wardrobe, but now, everything needs to see more use.

To be more sustainable with your choices, we recommend:

  1. Buy separates. By all means, choose items that are designed to be worn together, as a wedding outfit, but then split them up and wear them individually for other events, or even just day-to-day. For example, a skirt, jacket and top set is great, because every component can be worn with other pieces. You might even be able to get a lot of wear out of them by adding them to your professional clothes rotation.
  2. Consider wearing a simple basic that you already own but adding some new accessories in a summery colour. A navy shift dress would be wonderful paired with pink shoes, hair accessories and a simple handbag.
  3. Step away from the huge hat. If you know you’ll never wear a hat that you’re eyeing up again, it’s simply not worth buying. It will be a waste of your money and bedroom space (don’t forget how huge those hat boxes are!) and you know it will only come off after the ceremony anyway.

Fashions come and go but your individual style is forever. Stay true to your own aesthetic when thinking about your potential summer wedding style and remember the golden rule – don’t wear white (unless you’re asked to).


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