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Best Cars for Large Families

If you have a large family – there is no doubt that you will use your car on a regular basis.  Whether you are going back and forth on the

If you have a large family – there is no doubt that you will use your car on a regular basis.Whether you are going back and forth on the school run, driving your kids to extra-curricular activities – or on your way to get the household essentials – your car is part of your everyday life.That’s why if you are part of a larger family, your car choice is critical. We have created a list of the best family vehicles we could find for large families to help you on your way.

The Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V Class is an 8-seater car that is based on a van.It is one of the plusher cars on the market.One of the main benefits of this car is that you can change the configuration of the seating to suit your needs.There are 3 seats in the 2nd and 3 rows, however you can switch to 2 individual seats in the 2nd row if you’d prefer more space.Another great feature of this car is the amount of boot space available.It has as sophisticated an interior as other Mercedes car’s – so you can look forward to soft leather.

Range Rover Evoque

A good family SUV is the Range Rover Evoque.It is a sequel to the Land Rover Evoque that launched in 2011.This particular model brings a sense of style and glamour to SUV’s.It is a fantastic off-road car and has a level of comfort that you won’t find in a lot of other larger family cars.It is one of the more compact SUV’s which means you could reach spaces that you won’t with other manufacturers or models.

Volvo XC90

This is a car that often has a bit of a status symbol attached to it.It’s a family SUV for 7 people and has large amounts of space.Even when you have the 3rd row of seats in action – you still have tonnes of room for shopping, rucksacks and more – making it a comfortable ride for all the family.It has all of the technological gadgets and gizmo’s that you would expect – but tends to be a more expensive choice.It also dispels the myths that SUV’s need to be unattractive.

Ford Tourneo

With a Ford Tourneo – the 8-seater is the standard option however you can customise it to create a 9 seater if you have a larger family. In the 2nd and 3rd rows of the car – all of the seats can be folded or detached so you can have the layout as you would like.There are lots of different options with this car in terms of deciding whether you want to have more space in the car, or whether you need to accommodate more people.Considering this flexibility – it still makes for a comfortable ride and a great overall car.

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