Could #TeamCoco be anymore excited to bring some of our favourite things together: Easter, chocolate, and cocktails. It already sounds rather enticing doesn’t it?

With Easter just around the corner, why not adult up the occasion and celebrate with delicious chocolate based gin cocktails created by incredible world-class mixologists for the brand-new Scottish Gin Caorunn Collections Cocktail Book.

Our current fave gin cocktail is White Tales.

White Tales
Created by Erzal Stiawan, at The Unlucky Cat Bar in Dubai

White Tales is created by using chocolate bitters, paired with cloudy apple juice and honey water with a splash of sauvignon blanc, this powerful mix of flavours perfectly balance the sweet and bitter with the botanical flavour of Caorunn Gin shining through.

White Tales Recipe

45ml Caorunn Gin
15ml Oat infused sauvignon blanc
15ml Honey water
20ml Eager Cloudy Pressed Apple Juice
2 dashes Bob’s Chocolate Bitters

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass.
Garnish with edible flowers in a stemmed teacup. If a teacup isn’t available, a long stemmed fine glass works perfectly too.

Caorunn is a small batch, quadruple-distilled Scottish Gin personally crafted by one man, Gin Master Simon Buley. Using only the finest pure grain spirit, natural Scottish water and 11 botanical gin ingredients, he personally crafts each and every bottle of Caorunn. Savoured around the world, Caorunn offers the drinks connoisseur the opportunity to embrace a wildly sophisticated gin of unrivalled quality.

It’s been tough, but #TeamCoco have taken the decision not to wait until Easter for this heavenly chocolate gin cocktail, and we are heading to our nearest stockist to buy all the ingredients to make our very own White Tales Caorunn cocktail right now! Who said you have to wait for the best things in life?

For more info about this wonderfully botanical gin check out, available to buy from Tesco, priced at £28 (70cl bottle). Caorunn Cocktail Collection Book is priced from around £15, available to buy from and other leading bookstores across the UK.


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