#CocoVegan: 3 Buys To Get You Beyond Veganuary

Veganuary is done and dusted guys, so this one is for all of you brave souls out there who are still repping that vegan life. [...]

Veganuary is done and dusted guys, so this one is for all of you brave souls out there who are still repping that vegan life. Here are three tried and tested products to keep you going as a vegan now that Veganuary has come to an end.

  1. Lifeplan Organic Flaxseed Oil

If you are looking into veganism long term then you have to think about Omega 3. It is vital for the body and usually found in oily fish for non-vegans meaning vegans can easily become deficient. A great plant-based source of omega 3 is flaxseed. It is a fiddly little seed which needs to be crushed in order for the body to digest its health-giving omega 3. Hence the usefulness of this lovely bottle of organic flaxseed oil from Lifeplan which you can splash onto your houmous, salad or pasta for a burst of health-giving omega 3!

  1. GATO & Co Pudding Pots

After I had completed Veganuary successfully last year, I had a few major slip-ups in February and March. Why? Because I kept meeting up with friends for movie nights and dinners, and I would get too tempted by desserts in the supermarket that everyone else was buying and want one too! You are very lucky this year because Hoxton-based startup GATO & Co have launched three vegan and gluten-free pudding pots in Sainsburys and Ocado which you can grab for the perfect night-in pick-me-up. I have tasted all three delightful flavours of Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache, sticky toffee pudding and hot chocolate and coconut brownie (my favourite!) and I can guarantee you won’t feel left out now.

  1. Pure Bites Grab and Go Snacks

Convenient snacks often have annoying non-vegan products like milk powder or dried egg in the ingredient list. My advice is to stock up on lovely vegan and gluten-free ranges like Pure Bite clusters which include flavours such as blueberry and cranberry popped rice, almond nut clusters, strawberry crunchy coconut clusters (this one was melt-in-the-mouth delicious!) and hot and spicy nuts. If you are pursuing veganism for health reasons then you will love these as they are low in salt, sugar, preservatives and calories whilst high in fibre, protein and, most importantly, taste!




Cover photo credit: Astrid Templier. For more information, visit lifeplan.co.uk, gatoandco.com and ilovebite.co.

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