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Discover Luxury Camping in Europe

Discover Luxury Camping in Europe

If you have never thought of camping as a luxury way to travel, it is time for you to read this article.

March 29th, 2022

If you have never thought of camping as a luxury way to travel, it is time for you to read this article. Only then will you understand how the industry has grown in the latter years, to offer locations that have reached the level of 5-stars properties. Below, you will discover what translates a camping site, into a luxury one.

What are the Elements that define the Quality Level of a Camping Site?

When you decide to go on camping holidays in Europe, there are a few characteristics that you will need to look at, more in depth, if you want to spend your vacation in a luxury setting. They can be regrouped into four main ones, which are: The surroundings and the environment on site, the pool complex, the entertainment value and the facilities and services. All of them will have to be of the highest quality, but also sufficient in terms of quantity, when it comes to the three last ones, mentioned above.


When it comes to the location of the camping site, what you first have to look for is the nature surrounding it. It can be situated right in front of the sea or a lake, or even in the middle of the mountains, if it provides vacationers with unique views and beautiful trails to walk on. But this element also implies quality sites to visit, nearby. Most of the time, that will translates into unique picturesque villages or major cities. Look out for natural sites as well, such as nature reserves or archeological sites.


This is often the main attraction inside a camping site. The pool complex should be complete. In other words, don’t think of your common hotel swimming pool, meant only for doing laps. Although it should be available, it also has to be completed with a lagoon style pool, that will let kids and grown-ups play various games and splash around. There should also be a covered pool for rainy days as well as water slides for days of fun under the sun.


This is also one of the characteristics that can be a major factor in choosing a camping site over a regular hotel, even in the luxury world. A great location will offer entertainment activities such as dance lessons and other sports activities like yoga and stretching classes. In the evening, look for shows and live music, to electrify the night and make you dance the till dawn, through various theme parties.


We have already mentioned some of the facilities that you can find on 5-star camping sites, such as the pool complex. In addition to that, travelers will also find a large variety of services offered on the camp ground. For those looking to upgrade their look, a series of beauty treatments will be available, such as manicure or pedicure and even a hairdresser. For those wanting to rest their bodies, look for a steam room, a jacuzzi and a sauna as well as massages to fully refresh the muscles.



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