Meet Arina Kaznina, the visionary founder of ROSéA Lingerie, a brand that is redefining luxury and sensuality in the world of fashion. Arina’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, sustainability, and inclusivity. In this inspiring story, we’ll uncover the driving force behind her brand, her unwavering commitment to transparency, and her mission to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Get ready to be inspired by a trailblazer who is changing the fashion industry one ethically crafted piece of lingerie at a time…

Arina, could you please share the story behind the name “ROSéA” and how it reflects your brand’s philosophy?

The inspiration for our brand name comes from the wine industry, drawing its meaning from Rosé wine and champagne. I believe the clothing industry has much in common with the wine industry. The hard work and care farmers and producers put into the product to achieve such a delicate and beautiful drink are well-known and widely discussed. However, the work that farmers, producers, and garment workers do is often overlooked and forgotten, even though these people suffer unfair conditions and wages.

Rosé also portrays a strong sense of exclusivity and taste, which are a significant part of ROSéA. We strive to provide the highest quality luxury lingerie that is made sustainably and ethically.

The concept of “Lingerie Brut” is unique and captivating. Can you elaborate on how this name encapsulates your brand’s identity and values?

I wanted to make the link between the wine/champagne industry more evident to the consumer, hence how the “Lingerie Brut” concept came up. One of the main pillars of my brand is transparency. It tightly correlates with the wine industry since no matter what wine or champagne you buy, cheap or expensive, you will know where the grapes come from, who made it, how long it took to make, and more information. When was the last time you could find that information when buying a new T-shirt or any clothing item? For me, it is essential that you know where the fabrics come from, where the lingerie was made, and who made it.

Your brand emphasizes embracing imperfections and unique beauty. How did this empowering perspective influence the design of your logo and the message you aim to convey?

I genuinely believe that every person is uniquely beautiful, and I hope more people will embrace and celebrate that. However, social media makes it difficult for people to see the beauty behind their ‘imperfections’. Each woman should feel her beauty, sensuality, and confidence no matter what ‘imperfections’ she sees. This belief inspired our logo as the letters ‘O’ and ‘é’ represent different-sized boobs. It is common for women to be subconscious about this; however, we want to show that imperfections will never define one’s beauty. On the contrary, they make us unique and gorgeous.

Your mission is to explore and highlight feminine sensuality and uniqueness consciously. How does ROSéA’s approach stand out in promoting this message compared to other lingerie brands?

Our lingerie is primarily made to be worn as a part of an outfit. We want to break the stereotype that lingerie is very private or too sexy. ROSéA aims to unlock and highlight your inner confidence by creating sensual yet classy looks for any occasion. Even though we are too small to provide a wide size range, we have prioritized ‘smart’ design. Our bodysuits are highly adjustable and create an individualized fit for many different body shapes and sizes.

Transparency is a key pillar of your brand. Could you tell us more about how ROSéA ensures transparency with regards to manufacturers, fabrics, and prices?

The fashion industry is slowly gaining sustainability momentum; however, with the good side of it also comes the bad, which is greenwashing. It was crucial for me to create a brand that ensured consumers that the statements were factual and that we were taking the environment and workers very seriously. Our consumers know exactly where our materials come from, where the lingerie is made, what certifications the fabrics have, and how much it costs to produce each piece of lingerie. Transparency is the foundation of a great relationship between the customer and the brand.

Visiting the small family-owned factories where your lingerie is produced showcases a strong commitment to ethical production. Could you share an experience from one of these visits that particularly resonated with you?

Finding a factory took a lot of work. I was looking for a factory whose values aligned with the values of ROSéA and whose priority was worker well-being. When I first visited the factory we work with in Coimbra, a small town in Portugal, our relationship immediately clicked. The factory has been operating since 1983 and is still completely family-owned and managed. The family was extremely welcoming and was keen on showing me around, encouraging their workers to share their experiences and being as transparent as we are. I loved the atmosphere that they created, as it was warm, friendly, and caring. I also learned that they have an impressive record. They have not had a single worker leave their job to find another one; the only people leaving their jobs are either for retirement or to raise a family. This says a lot about the management, work ethic, and worker well-being.

Your commitment to reducing the carbon footprint is impressive. How does producing lingerie in Portugal and sourcing materials from within the EU contribute to a more sustainable supply chain?

Keeping our supply chain close to the factory helps to significantly decrease the carbon footprint since we don’t need to transport our materials across the whole world. We source the highest quality certified fabrics from Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The proximity of suppliers also helps us ensure the standard of quality and safe working conditions since we don’t need to travel far to visit them.

Certified fabrics are an essential part of your sustainability strategy. Can you tell us about some of the trusted international standards that you prioritise in the selection of your fabrics?

Certification is an essential criterion for me when choosing fabrics. No matter how excellent the materials are, I would only select them if an official certification backs them up. This rigorous selection ensures that no greenwashing is passed on to our consumers. Many suppliers and brands use recycled fabrics; however, only a tiny fraction of them can prove that with certification. All our materials have ‘Global Recycled Standard’ certification. Additionally, all suppliers have ‘OEKO-TEX’ certifications, meaning that no toxic or hazardous substances were used, so both the workers and the end consumers are safe. Many suppliers hold more quality, sustainability, and safety certifications, such as ‘REACH,’ ‘HIGG,’ ‘WCA,’ and ‘ISO.’ I am incredibly proud of our suppliers and our high selection standards.

Multi-use design is a fascinating concept that aligns with your brand’s values. Could you provide examples of how ROSéA achieves this in its lingerie creations?

Our design process aims to create timeless designs that are easily stylable with various clothes. We look at classy colors and patterns that will serve you many years rather than one season. Bodysuits are much more versatile than bras and underwear since you can style them as part of the outfits and wear them under your clothes. Our lingerie provides more than just support; it offers a final touch or a centerpiece to your look, depending on how you style it. Our Instagram provides many styling ideas for various occasions and seasons.

In an industry with numerous clothing brands, what motivated you to focus specifically on lingerie and create a brand that emphasises sustainability and inclusivity?

When I graduated high school, I became very passionate about sustainability, and it became my focus during my university years to integrate it into my daily life. I haven’t bought a single fast fashion clothing item in the last six years, and the ones I purchased before are still in use in my wardrobe because I take great care of them. It is vital for me to make more environmentally conscious decisions in my daily life. One day, I was looking for new lingerie and realized there were not many sustainable alternatives to sensual lingerie; if you wanted eco-friendly lingerie, you had to choose plain boring cotton sets. That is how I came to the idea of creating ROSéA – sustainable luxury lingerie that focuses on creating sexy and empowering lingerie.

It’s admirable that you acknowledge your brand’s imperfections while aiming for positive change. Can you share a particular challenge or obstacle you’ve encountered in your journey towards sustainability and how you’ve addressed it?

Early on in this journey, I didn’t have extensive knowledge about fabrics and their properties. I wanted to create our lingerie from silk to provide a more sustainable product which is 100% biodegradable. However, I learned that all the brands that use silk for lingerie rarely disclose the part that the fabric is never 100% silk. Silk is highly rigid and cannot make good lingerie products as they won’t fit well so close to the body; the fabric is always a blend of 2-10% elastane, which ultimately removes the main sustainability factor from silk – biodegradability. Silk blends are also not certified by major trusted institutions, so we cannot guarantee our customers how the fabric was made, where it originated from, etc. I decided to prioritize certification and transparency, meaning we work with certified recycled polyester materials. I am still upset that our products are not biodegradable. Still, we are open about it and focus on encouraging customers to wear our lingerie longer, more often and take better care of it.

Education and inspiration play a role in driving change. How does ROSéA actively engage with its audience to educate them about conscious consumption and the impact of their choices?

We emphasise the importance of research when buying something new. Some brands do an incredible job of being transparent; we want more people to pay attention to that. I am also adamant about showing people more ways to style an item. People often don’t put enough thought into finding new combinations within an existing wardrobe, and wearing the clothes you already have is the most sustainable option.

In your vision for the future, what kind of impact do you hope ROSéA Lingerie will have on the broader fashion industry, and how do you see other brands being influenced by your mission?

I hope that our transparency mission inspires more brands. I want to see big brands open up to us and share details about how the clothes are made, where they come from, who made them, and their efforts to improve. We might think luxury brands are reliable regarding sustainability because they always say ‘made in France or ‘made in Italy’; however, many luxury brands do 90% of the item in countries with cheaper labor and only do the final finishings in Europe. It is wild to think they can legally say the whole item was made in Europe when only the label was sewn here, but it is the reality. We want transparency across the industry to become a standard.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to combine their passion for fashion with a commitment to sustainability, based on your experience founding ROSéA Lingerie?

My advice is not to be afraid to start, even if you lack knowledge or experience. You will make mistakes, but you will also learn quickly and do what you are passionate about. There are trustworthy factories and institutions to help your dream become a reality.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

My dream destination is Japan. I am fascinated with Japanese culture and their minimalist approach to life. We have much to learn from them about living a simpler life with fewer possessions. I also love Japanese food and would love to go off-piste skiing there. Due to the geographical location of Japan, its snow has a much lower density, making it the best off-piste ski destination in the world.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care, for me, is mostly about movement. I love doing sports and moving my body in enjoyable ways. An active day gives me energy, head clarity, and boosts my mood. I am also obsessed with skincare; my morning and evening rituals really help me to get a moment to check in with myself and relax. Sunscreen is my best friend, no matter the weather or the season.

Where can people find out more and follow you?

You can follow us on Instagram at @rosea.lingerie and check out our website at


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