Embarking on a journey towards well-being and empowerment is like setting sail on uncharted waters, where every step holds the promise of transformation and growth.

In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of delving into the remarkable odyssey of Anna, the visionary force behind Ceiba Tree, a platform dedicated to cultivating healthier lifestyles and empowering individuals to prioritize their own vitality. Anna’s tale is one that epitomizes the fusion of passion and purpose, where personal experiences and tireless dedication converge to create a profound impact on the lives of countless others.

Throughout this interview, you’ll witness Anna’s unwavering commitment, relive her moments of triumph over challenges, and glean insights that will undoubtedly kindle the flames of inspiration within you. So, prepare to embark on a voyage of discovery, where resilience, ingenuity, and a quest for betterment intertwine to illuminate the path to a healthier and more fulfilled existence…

Anna, your dedication to creating a platform that promotes a healthier lifestyle is admirable. Could you share a personal experience that fuelled your passion for this mission?

Before starting Ceiba Tree, I was working full time as a management consultant which meant long hours in the office, business travels and high pressure. I was constantly pushing myself to the brink, until I found myself on the edge of burnout. It was a wake-up call that forced me to learn the importance of prioritising self-care and physical well-being for both performance and happiness.

Going through that, I came to truly understand how stress and exhaustion impact every aspect of our lives. That realisation became the catalyst for Ceiba Tree. Our mission is simple, – to help people like you and me prioritise their health. We want to share knowledge and empower everyone to make positive, sustainable changes in their daily routines.

I believe that when we’re at our best, we can achieve remarkable things and make a real difference. So, through Ceiba Tree, we’re not just offering supplements – we’re on a journey to create a community that values well-being and supports each other in leading healthier lives. It’s about finding that balance and creating more energy, so we can thrive in every aspect of our lives.

Ceiba Tree’s focus on small, consecutive steps toward a healthier lifestyle is inspiring. What’s one small habit that has made a significant positive impact on your own well-being?

Making sure I get enough sleep. Research is clear, you need +8 hours of sleep. I used to underestimate its importance, but after digging into the research and consistently getting eight hours of sleep, I’ve seen some real changes. I’m more focused during the day, which has boosted my productivity at work. Plus, my mood is more stable, helping me handle stress better and enjoy better interactions with people. I feel like I can be my fully ambitious self, and I am also a better wife, daughter, friend and leader for it. I think many people would be surprised at how something as simple as sleep can be a foundation for a healthier life.

Building a business takes a lot of perseverance. Can you tell us about a moment when you faced a significant challenge while setting up Ceiba Tree and how you overcame it?

It was 2020, and we were ready to buy our first batch of products. Together with a nutraceutical consultant, we landed on a recipe that met our standards, and we wrote a contract. But then one key ingredient was backordered throughout the entire EU. Our manufacturer terminated our contract claiming force majeure and we were back to square one on finding a manufacturer.

The supplements market has grown rapidly, and 2020 was no exception. Manufacturers knew this. We did not get a single response. Eventually, Oskar took the car to a tradeshow a couple of hours away. We had one specific manufacturer that we wanted to talk to, famous for their exceptional quality and state-of-the-art facilities, and he came back home with a contract.

Your emphasis on making the supplement-buying process simpler and more supportive is refreshing. What’s the most rewarding feedback you’ve received from someone who benefited from your platform?

Reading customer reviews is my favourite activity of being an entrepreneur. One of my favourites is our latest one: “I absolutely love this product and can recommend it to everyone! I fall asleep so fast, sleep deeply and wake up with so much energy since I started with “Sleep & Recovery”!”. It feels amazing to be able to help people live a life with more energy.

Ceiba Tree’s name carries a lot of significance. Could you share the story behind choosing the name and how it relates to your mission?

The name Ceiba Tree came about on a trip Oskar and I made around New Years 2018-2019 to Costa Rica, which has been a favourite destination of mine for +15 years.. We were both working our first year as management consultants, and this trip provided a welcomed break to our very hectic lives, especially after our first 6 months as graduates entering the corporate world. On a canoe trip on the river Río Grande de Atenas, we first heard the story about the Ceiba tree, which is often referred to as the “Tree of Life” or “Sacred Tree”. I vividly remember our guide explaining the importance it carries for ‘the Ticos’, and how it is a symbol of strength and resilience. I was in awe of this majestic tree and its towering presence. Ceiba Tree seemed like a fitting name, as our brand aims to provide a solid foundation for well-being. We also believe in harnessing the power of nature to support your health journey, and each of our products is a thoughtfully crafted blend of nature and modern science.

Researching the best supplements must have been quite a journey. Can you recall a particularly fascinating discovery about a supplement that you’d like to share with our audience?

I knew that there was room for a new brand focusing on premium and high quality ingredients, but I was shocked to learn exactly how bad the quality is in the overall industry. Most household brands are filled with unnecessary fillers or additives, and sugars or even worse artificial sweeteners and colours. And even though it is a highly regulated industry, there is so much bad stuff out there that it demands a lot from the customers to be knowledgeable and find the right balance between active ingredients and avoiding harmful doses. It’s quite depressing and I do hope change is coming big in the industry soon. I’m actively working to raise standards and awareness, aiming for a positive shift in the industry. It’s challenging, but I’m determined to make a difference.

Your guides, like “How to remember to take your vitamins – 5 easy hacks” are valuable resources. Could you give us a sneak peek into one of those hacks that has personally helped you stay consistent?

Glad you like it! Buying supplements is not easy, so we are obsessed with helping people navigate this jungle and try to create resources like this for our customers that are fun and easy to use. My favourite hack is to keep your vitamins in plain sight. Most supplements jars are so ugly that you throw them in the kitchen cupboard or nightstand, but I need my jars out in the open either on the kitchen counter or my desk as a visual reminder to take them.

Humour can be a great motivator. What’s one funny anecdote from your personal experience with supplements that you included in your guide “Do you just pee out vitamins?”?

Well, we like to joke that there are two types of parents. The ones that put out a single vitamin for you each day, or the ones that dryly and very confidently said that there’s no need to take vitamins unless you want ‘to pay for incredibly expensive pee’. In fact, this is our most asked question since launching Ceiba Tree: So do you actually pee out vitamins? The short answer is no. But there’s a reason this myth has become so widespread. There are two things to consider: 1. The type of vitamin: Some vitamins are water-soluble, and some are fat-soluble, out of which any surplus of are stored in your fat cells, which makes it easier to overdose on them. 2. Bioavailability, meaning how well the body is able to absorb nutrients. High-quality supplements should have a high bioavailability. So you know your body will be able to absorb as much as possible of the supplements. If you are investing in a high quality supplement and brand then you can feel confident it will not be money down the drain

As a founder, you wear many hats. How do you manage your time and stay organised while working on both the business and your personal well-being?

Oh yes, one day I’m in a strategic meeting with potential investors only to be on customer support duties in the afternoon. I will say that the secret is to be very disciplined, both in my work habits and how I consistently work towards achieving my goals, but also in setting aside time for my well-being such as exercising and meditating. It sounds like the advice you hear from everyone else, but making sure you value your recovery and nourish your body is a cliché that is true and really works.

When it comes to time management, my best advice is to not over-analyse but instead take immediate action and keep the momentum going. I always prioritise the ‘needle moving’ actions, the ones that will make you make the most progress. I also have a ‘drop list’ of things you need to stop doing to make time for the business. For me, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t watch Netflix, to give some examples. This is my way of creating space for a productive weekend where I work on my goals. On the drop list, there can also be tasks for the business that are no longer providing the results that you want. I also make sure to revise my list frequently as priorities change in the business.

The Ceiba Tree Community is all about support. Can you share an instance when a community member’s journey touched your heart and showcased the power of this community?

I’m so blessed to have our customers leaving reviews and emailing and DM’ing their stories. I particularly remember one tired mother explaining how she finally got relief from our “Sleep & Recovery”. We recognise that sometimes in life you don’t have the opportunity to get 8+ hours of sleep, be it as a parent (or as ourselves when we started, management consultants at capacity) – and that’s why we designed “Sleep & Recovery” so that the sleep that you actually get is as restful and recovering as it can be.

Balancing personal development and entrepreneurship can be challenging. Are there any books, podcasts, or resources that you’ve found particularly insightful on this journey?

I totally agree with that. Personal development is one of my biggest interests, so I very consciously make sure to take time for this on a daily basis, and especially in my role as an entrepreneur. There are too many resources to mention, but I love Brendon Burchard’s advice on high performance habits and how to live a more fulfilled life.

When it comes to practical tips on a more healthy living, I want to recommend Dr. Mark Hyman. He is a big advocate for functional medicine and holistic health and we follow his tips and recipes daily.

For business and entrepreneurship, we are also very inspired by Ramit Sethi’s copywriting and take a lot of cues from his direct and no-nonsense writing style, albeit in a completely different field than us.

Lastly, I can highly recommend Dean Graziosi and his philosophy on sales which is centred around authenticity, value, and serving the needs of customers. It’s very inspiring and easy to implement.

Launching your own website is a big achievement. What’s one feature of the Ceiba Tree website that you’re especially proud of and think sets it apart?

We just switched up our photos to more lifestyle pictures of Oskar and I, reflecting our daily lives. I was naive starting Ceiba Tree thinking that our impeccable ingredient list would speak for itself, but we have come to realise that our customers love hearing about our products from us, and how our products fit in our own busy lives. In my career, I’ve always had a role in front of the computer, and as a consultant I never take the spotlight, so that’s been quite a learning experience for me. But before starting Ceiba Tree we always managed to influence our friends to try new supplements so it makes sense that we as founders need to show up more and tell the story behind the brand and the craft of our products.

Sharing personal experiences can foster a strong connection with the audience. Could you tell us about a moment when you had to overcome your own skepticism about a supplement and how it changed your perspective?

Before I started taking vitamins, I always thought that adding supplements to my diet could be good but I was not really sure and it felt a bit overwhelming, to be honest. I first started taking Vitamin D and fish oil because the evidence and science behind it were just so strong. Only later did I learn and feel the power of adaptogens, such as Ashwagandha. So for me, it has been a journey similar to what I think many others have done or are doing right now.

Ceiba Tree’s journey is undoubtedly inspiring, and you’re helping others create their own inspiring stories. What’s your vision for the impact you hope Ceiba Tree will have on people’s lives in the coming years?

Thank you! It’s been our vision from the start to revolutionise the supplements industry. We are tired of the cheap and low quality products that characterise the market. If we can play a part in changing this and raising the standards in the industry of what quality consumers accept and the quality they expect, we would be happy. For us, only the best ingredients are good enough to put in the body, so we adopt an even higher standard than conventional brands and applicable regulations. We don’t have any fillers or additives in our products and all our products are designed for maximum absorption for the body, all to ensure optimal results.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I’m currently dreaming of Bhutan. Early mornings catching the sunrise over the monasteries. Long hikes and endless views of the Himalayas. Prayer flags waving in the wind. I see myself ending the day soaking my tired body in a hot stone bath. And of course I can’t wait to explore traditional Bhutanese Medicine.

Lastly, Anna, what advice would you give to someone who is just starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle and is looking for that first step to take?

I would recommend starting tracking your energy levels, and to get to know what makes you feel energised waking up and throughout the day. Focus on doing more of that. Health can be such a vast word, but for us health is energy. To be able to sustain energy throughout the day for performance to accomplish your goals and dreams, and to have fun and enjoy life with family and friends. We like to imagine ourselves as grandparents one day, having the energy to at least try and keep up with our grandkids haha.

Some concrete tips are establishing a routine allowing for sufficient sleep, sufficient exercise and proper nutrition. Skip processed food, excessive caffeine and energy drinks, and try supplementing with natural energy-boosters, such as ashwagandha and maca root.

Visit ceibatree.com to stay up to date.


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