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From Dreams to Diamonds: The Inspirational Journey of Alexandra Morris Robson, Founder of Augustine Jewels

Dive into the world of Augustine Jewels with our exclusive interview featuring founder Alexandra Morris Robson.

In the enchanting realm of Augustine Jewels, where elegance meets innovation, creativity and craftsmanship entwine harmoniously, giving birth to exquisite pieces of wearable art.

At the helm of this artistic venture stands Alexandra Morris Robson, a trailblazing jewelry designer whose remarkable journey from the hallowed halls of Cambridge University to the intricate world of diamonds and gemstones is as inspiring as the masterpieces she meticulously crafts.

Alexandra’s journey from the corridors of academia to the vibrant landscape of jewelry design serves as a testament to the power of passion and persistence. It showcases the transformative impact of following one’s heart and embracing the pursuit of artistic excellence.

In the realm of Augustine Jewels, every piece tells a story—a story of resilience, creativity, and the unwavering dedication of a visionary designer whose artistry knows no bounds. Delve deeper in to this story here…

What inspired you to establish Augustine Jewels, and how did your journey begin in the world of jewellery design?

I attended Esmod School of Fashion and Design in Paris in my gap year, winning a Luxury Jewellery design award. However life overtook and I went to Cambridge University and became a management consultant with Accenture. It was when I was at home with the children, that I went back and retrained in diamond grading and coloured stones and went back to my first passion of jewellery design.

Augustine Jewels is known for its commitment to sustainability. Can you tell us more about the company’s approach to ethical practices and how it has influenced your creative process?

At our core, we are committed to sourcing materials ethically. We believe in respecting human rights and safeguarding the environment throughout our supply chain.

That’s why we collaborate closely with trusted suppliers who share our values and uphold responsible mining practices, while championing fair working conditions. Augustine Jewels also adopts the Kimberley Process, which means all our diamonds are sourced from conflict free areas.

The brand is celebrated for its bespoke jewellery designs. Could you share with us an extraordinary customisation experience that stands out in your memory?

One of my favourite pieces that we completed recently was a wonderful royal blue sapphire that we sourced. It was the most beautiful pear shaped stone. We set it with half moon diamonds on a platinum and diamond band. It was the most sparkly wonderful piece.

Augustine Jewels embraces a diverse range of gemstones and precious metals. What’s your favourite gemstone to work with, and why?

It has to be Morganite! I really love the pink hues of this stone and it’s one of my favourite gemstones to use in bespoke designs. I’m also a huge fan of Aquamarines, there’s nothing quite like calming yourself by looking at the pale blue of a gorgeous aquamarine.

Your designs often evoke a sense of timeless elegance. How do you strike a balance between traditional aesthetics and modern trends in your creations?

All of our ready to wear collections are inspired by luxury destinations and so I soak up the colours and sensations in each place. The inspiration from these places allows our jewellery to be modern and yet as you say timeless as well.

With such a remarkable portfolio of jewellery pieces, is there one particular design that holds a special place in your heart? If so, what makes it so significant to you?

I think, leaving out some of our most show stopping bespoke pieces, it would have to be our Wedeln Diamond & Teal Topaz Ring from the Gstaad Collection. It’s such a fun piece and it was really an exciting design to make, incorporating the wedeln pattern left in the snow whilst skiing into a ring wasn’t easy but it made for such a sensational piece.

Fashion and jewellery often go hand in hand. How do you keep up with the evolving fashion landscape while maintaining the distinct essence of Augustine Jewels?

We do keep an eye on London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks, but jewellery is for generations and so has to also be something that will pass the passage of time as well as being fashionable.

Our new handbag collection that launches in October will also be very on trend and includes a micro bag which is very on message at the moment.

Running a successful jewellery brand requires creativity and business acumen. Could you share a memorable entrepreneurial lesson you’ve learned along the way?

It is all about the people. Hiring people who are competent, design oriented and nice and fun to be around is the aim, but it does not always work out.

Looking back since launching the brand, is there anything you would do differently?

So many things… I don’t know where to start.. but certainly I would have invested more earlier on and had more confidence that it would work out.

Collaboration is essential in the fashion industry. Have you ever collaborated with another designer or brand, and if not, is there a dream collaboration you’d love to pursue in the future?

We collaborate all the time with different brands. Recently we did a show with FINLAY sunglasses and you can see all of our collaborations here.

In the fast-paced world of fashion, how do you ensure your designs remain relevant and captivating to customers year after year?

We bring out 2 new collections a year. You will soon be able to see our new Aurora collection which is inspired by the colours of the Northern Lights. These new collections keep it fresh and we quietly drop collections that are not so successful.

Augustine Jewels has a strong online presence. How has the digital landscape influenced the way you connect with your audience and showcase your designs?

We’ve found that a lot of our customers are based all over the world, so shopping online and promoting our products across our social media platforms has allowed us to tap into markets across the globe. We regularly ship items to Australia, America and lots of European countries too.

The brand’s name, Augustine Jewels, has a distinctive and captivating ring to it. Can you share the story behind the name and its significance to you?

Yes, it came from Augustine Studios, which is a property that I bought early on in my life. It was part of the Silver Studios, and thus it has this wonderful heritage. You can read more about it here.

From concept to finished product, could you walk us through the creative process behind the birth of a new Augustine Jewels collection?

We pride ourselves on providing a luxury bespoke jewellery service from design to packaging, creating exquisite hand-drawn designs and sourcing the most beautiful gemstones to make your jewellery dreams come true. Whether you have a special design in mind, are looking to invest in a stone, or just want to create something beautiful, we can help

Designing a new collection begins much like the design process for our bespoke pieces, we start by choosing the gemstones. From there we begin to draw out some rough sketches and then move into creating a rough stone plan.

After the stone plan is finalised we begin the intricate process of Computer Aided Design modeling, which creates an incredibly precise rendition of the jewellery. This is then sent to our craftsmen who begin to work on the jewellery. After this, it’s a exciting wait whilst the jewellery is in production and then after a few weeks we receive the final product.

Whether it be a stunning ring, necklace or pair of earrings, every piece of jewellery is masterly crafted and designed. Every collection we’ve made takes inspiration from a luxury location, when choosing the gemstones we always make sure to incorporate the colours and beauty of the location in every piece.

The jewellery industry has a rich history and is filled with talented designers. Who are some of your personal inspirations or idols in the field, and how have they influenced your work?

I love the work of Karl Faberge. The reason for this is that the attention to detail was exquisite. Also, he had the most amazing following.

Our readers love travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

We’ve recently just finished designing a collection based on the Northern Lights and I think most of our team are dreaming of visiting the cool landscapes of Iceland and Norway!

Lastly, Augustine Jewels is a brand with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. What does “craftsmanship” mean to you, and how does it shine through in your jewellery designs?

At Augustine Jewels, we value the art of traditional craftsmanship. Our skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, ensuring attention to detail and creating heirloom-quality jewellery that lasts for generations. By preserving these time-honoured techniques, we support local communities and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Where can people find out more?

You can learn more about Augustine Jewels and browse all of our collections, including our latest venture into homeware on our website.

In the dazzling universe of Augustine Jewels, Alexandra Morris Robson’s passion and artistry continue to illuminate the world of jewellery design, reminding us that creativity knows no boundaries and that every piece crafted is a testament to the enduring spirit of human imagination.