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Future Therapies : New You Who Dis

Prepare to uncover a whole, new you, as the ultimate in complete body rejuvenation therapy arrives in the very heart of Leeds… Ever wondered the secret of how Ronaldo gets

Prepare to uncover a whole, new you, as the ultimate in complete body rejuvenation therapy arrives in the very heart of Leeds…

Ever wondered the secret of how Ronaldo gets match fit, or pondered how Kate Moss manages to be so consistently picture perfect when she arrives on a shoot? Despite their careers being poles apart, the answer is both one and the same. Say hello to Cryotherapy.

Future Therapies are bringing the first whole body cryotherapy chamber to Leeds on the 6th November, ushering a new era for the city’s health, beauty and rehabilitation industry. Hot on the heels of the recent Manchester launch, the Cryo Arctic will be one of only two such machines in the North of England, further cementing Leeds fast-growing reputation as a tech pioneer.

The ultimate hero product

The Cryo Arctic Whole-Body Chamber works its magic by exposing the user to extreme cold temperatures of between -120° and -150°C, which reduces the skins surface temperature to around 5°. The treatment is non-invasive and helps to boost well-being and motivation, and can invoke feelings of euphoria immediately after, while a multitude of other benefits begin to kick in.

Collagen production is instantly encouraged, which helps restructure connective tissue, leaving the skin refreshed, appearing clearer and more plumped. The chamber also aids sports recovery, allowing the user to feel revitalised and ready to compete again with all cylinders firing. Any muscle or tissue inflammation within the body is reduced, allowing injuries to heal faster and more efficiently.

The Cryo Arctic also assists weight-loss by speeding up metabolism, with a three-minute session burning anywhere between 600-800 calories, which is the equivalent of running five miles. But, there’s more to cryotherapy than beautification and sports rehabilitation, as the treatment can reduce chronic pain and fatigue, in turn assisting numerous medical conditions, including arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

A Cryo Penguin machine will also be available, providing localised cryotherapy that can help treat skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and acne, as well as a diverse range of treatments including body sculpting and cryo facials and facelifts.

The clinic will also be home to a brilliant LED face mask, with three settings to help combat anti-ageing and acne, as well as deeper wound healing.

Astonishing results

Future Therapies will reside at 9 Central Arcade, where supervised Arctic Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber treatments will be available alongside more high-tech, cutting-edge equipment.

EECP (Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation) Cardio Therapy has been clinically proven to provide safe and effective treatment for numerous conditions, including coronary heart disease, dementia, diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. Widely used in hospital across the world, it works by pumping blood around the body, removing grease and sludge to relieve a variety of symptoms, including heart pain and shortness of breath.

The results can be astonishing when used over a period of time, and courses can be tailored to the individual to complement existing treatments and medication. EECP Sports Therapy allows the user to experience the benefits of an intense workout, while the heart rests, resulting in increased levels of energy and reduced recovery time between workouts.

VIP guests

Future Therapies is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Sara Turner and Debra Lister, who teamed up with Poundworld Founder, Chris Edwards, and ex Poundworld Director Ian Hamilton. Together, they plan to open 44 additional Future Therapies clinics across England over the next few years, creating close to 1,000 jobs.

Having owned XS Hair for 20 years, Sara wanted a new challenge and founded Cryotherapy UK in 2015, to provide localised treatment at a time when the technology was relatively unknown outside medical circles in the UK.

Today, it’s the go-to treatment for many high-profile celebrities and sports stars, who want to look and feel their best at all times. Since the VIP launch of Future Therapies in Manchester back in September, the clinic has seen the likes of boxer Anthony Crolla and Coronation Street’s Cath Tyldesley drop in to experience the whole body cryo chamber.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Sara said ‘’Interest in cryotherapy has increased ten-fold in the last 12 months, and so I can’t wait to bring it to back where it began in my hometown of Leeds. Interest in our Manchester clinic has exceeded expectations, and we’ve had such a variety of clients through the doors, from premier league footballers to city centre workers looking to pamper themselves or recover from injuries.

‘’The scope for different treatments at Future Therapies is huge, there really is something for everyone, whether it’s a monthly beauty treat or regular therapy to treat a serious condition. Leeds has always been an early adopter of all things new, and we’re proud to be a part of that with this innovative, game-changing technology.’’

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Future Therapies launches in Leeds on Monday 6th November, with bookings available now.