Pizzas, olives, a Nutella pizza ring, a Spotify playlist to bring the pizzeria to you, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Winner.

London legends, Pizza Pilgrims have recently announced the launch of Picnic Pilgrims, a new summer hamper designed with everything you need to recreate the perfect Pilgrims experience anywhere in the city. In addition, Pizza Pilgrims will launch two new ‘Pizza in the Post’ kits which include a limited edition Nduja pizza kit as well as a family-sized (or just me on a Saturday night) offering.

Available now via click & collect at all open Pizza Pilgrims sites and on Deliveroo, the ready-made Picnic Pilgrims package includes two pizzas of choice alongside a pot of olives, a Nutella Pizza ring, a chequered tablecloth, recyclable cutlery, glasses and even a Spotify playlist to bring the pizzeria tunes with you. Choose your tipple from a bottle of prosecco, four beers or two soft drinks can also be added, it’s the perfect choice for a trip to the park, a socially distanced date night, by the river, on a bus… Pizza Pilgrims have got you covered. Picnic Pilgrims is available as a build on all takeaway pizza orders and prices range between £25 -£35. Post a picture of your picnic location and tag @pizzapilgrims with the #picnicpilgrims and the team will choose the most creative ‘picnic-er’ each week to win free pizza. For more information, please follow this link:

The ‘Pizza in the Post’ kits became a lockdown favourite, sparking homes around the nation to prepare Pizza Pilgrims signature 48 hour double fermented dough and homemade tomato sauce with the most of humble of cooking tools: the frying pan. Now an at-home staple, Pizza Pilgrims is kicking up the spice with a limited edition ‘Nduja’ variationPronounced en-doo-ja, the spicy pork sausage comprised of 50% Calabrian chili, will be sent alongside two Neapolitan 48 hour proved dough balls with Caputo Flour from Naples, homemade tomato sauce, fresh fior di latte for 2 pizzas, parmesan and basil. It will cost £17.50+pp andis available to order here for a limited time.

Launching on Friday 7th August, in the midst of the summer holidays, parents can order the ‘Family Pizza in the Post Kits’ designed for families to create pizzas together, encouraging kids to get creative in the kitchen without compromising on the flavour of a classic Pizza Pilgrims pizza. This interactive pizza kit will include a range of Pizza Pilgrims ‘Pizza in the Post’kits, from the classic Margherita to the Nduja and will contain ingredients for four pizzas. The ‘Family Pizza in the Post Kits’ will start from £30 and will be available online soon. 

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