Warmer and brighter days are just around the corner and soon it will be vacation time. Dogs are herd animals and love to spend time with their family all the time, even during a vacation.

Are you planning a summer vacation for the entire family with the intent to bring your dog and best friend along? Well, you’re not the only one as an increasing number of pet owners have made this a popular trend in recent years.

Dog owners are spending more time and money on their four-legged friends and are looking for ways to include them in their family trips and adventures.

A summer vacation with your furry friend entails a lot of planning, adjustment to your pet’s needs, and make sure you have your dog’s best toys and accessories.

In the article below, we offer a helpful guide to ensure that you have a comfortable summer vacation with your pet.

Get A Good Insurance Plan

Before you embark on the holiday journey, you should be well-informed about what is potentially good or bad for your dog.

As a traveling companion, one of the smartest decisions you can make is to ensure that your pooch is healthy and safe during your vacation. However, if an accident strikes or your pet gets a sudden illness while you are away from home, getting pet insurance before you start your travels is the best available option.

You’ll be able to visit the veterinarian’s office to get the treatment or meds required and when the medical expenses are covered with the insurance, you’ll be given tremendous peace of mind, which is invaluable when vacationing.

Before departure, make sure to look at a good pet insurance dictionary in case you need a bit more clarity on the usually confusing insurance lingo. You can easily look up the definitions and know how to navigate through the terms when choosing the best insurance plan for you and your pup.

Pack Dog Accessories

Image source: Natalie Spehner from Unsplash

With summer approaching, it’s easy to start dreaming of the perfect vacation with your dog. For the vacation to be exactly as you have imagined it to be, it is important to prepare the right dog accessories for the trip.

Just as you have to plan your packing, it is, of course, obvious to do the same for your dog. It’s all about planning, good assessment, and common sense. Here are four basic dog accessories to take with you on your vacation:

  • Customized Dog Bandana: Custom dog bandana is the perfect way to show your pup some love. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors to create a unique look that is sure to make your furry friend stand out from the crowd. Plus, 4inbandana bandanas are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, so you can rest assured that your pup will enjoy wearing 4inbandana custom dog bandana.
  • First aid kit: You do not want to risk being in a situation and trying to get a vet when your dog has cut his paw on a beach. With a first aid kit, you can solve many small crises that can occur and prevent them from escalating.
  • Travel bed: You know how tired you can get when a delay has occurred and you find out that long waiting hours are ahead of you? Would you then like to lie down and rest on the cold and hard ground? Probably not and neither does your dog. With a travel bed, you get a flexible and practical solution for when you and your dog need to take unexpected breaks.
  • Dog blanket: Depending on where you go, a dog throw blanket can be a great addition to your canine luggage. It is perfect as it gives your pet something to snuggle on and to be covered with during chilly summer nights. It is practical to put in a bag and even use as a travel mat.

These accessories will make traveling and time spent on vacation comfortable for your canine companion. Last but not least, make sure you don’t forget the dog’s favorite toy.

Be Careful Of a Heatstroke

Image source: Lachlan Ross from Pexels

The dog’s way of getting rid of excess heat is not as effective as that of humans. Therefore, the dog may be too hot while you think it is comfortable. Although we love summer, it can pose a threat to your pet.

For example, if traveling in a car, make sure to remember to never leave the dog in a closed vehicle. It can easily reach a scorching 130 to 170 degrees when the temperature outside climbs from 80 to 100 degrees and an overheated dog can suffer serious internal damage.

The signs of overheating are quite clear. Excessive panting is the first one and a dog that is overheated may faint, vomit, get diarrhea, or even have a stroke. The dog’s gums and tongue can also turn blue or pale to light red.

It is important to take care of the medical issue immediately. Always carry water and towels with you as the first thing that should be done is to immediately help lower the body temperature by cooling the body with water and using wet towels.

Research Your Destination and Adjust

Image source: Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

When planning on visiting a new place, it can be difficult to know if a dog is welcome. Therefore, do your research in advance and look at dog-friendly options. Prepare your vacation by looking for city parks, bathing areas, cafes, restaurants, and campsites where dogs are welcome.

This is crucial because bored dogs bark more, and become easily restless. They need their daily activities and knowing that you’ll be able to exercise, swim and play games such as hide and seek will set you up for vacation success.

Once you arrive, you also need to get your dog used to the new location. Take them for a walk and when you return to your accommodation, keep the leash on and at a leisurely pace walk around, inside and outside the place.

Your dog needs to know the boundaries, where to sleep, and where to go to the toilet. Be patient and discipline them the same way you did when you trained your dog when you first welcomed it to your home. Be consistent with your exercise and feeding schedule. This way, your dog will feel happy and safe in its new environment.

Final Thoughts

Your dog doesn’t have to stay at home if you’re going on a vacation. It can be a fantastic travel companion and since there are many dog-friendly hotels and options, we are sure you will have a wonderful trip together.

Just remember to plan accordingly, get a good insurance plan, pack the right accessories and always keep the health and safety of everyone a priority.

Once you arrive at your destination and the animal starts feeling comfortable, you can decompress and let the fun part of the vacation begin.


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